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  1. Thanks! I really hope everything will go fine! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. Hi there !! Singtel's inefficiency is a till strange. We installed Starhub's digital voice at my parents' place last year and it was a one time, fuss-free installation. Hopefully, they'll get it right tomoro.
  3. You've finally started! All the best Ans! Don't worry, just keep reminding K if u are worried. I always ask for updates and highlight concerns thru sms, and he always replies promptly. Plus he will never make a decision before consulting u so keep ur handphone handy, cos he might call u if he needs to confirm with u. At the end of the day, he wants u to feel comfortable with the whole process and progress!
  4. Hi all, here's the schedule for next few days before handover: Wednesday - Carpentary touch up Thursday - Electrician to complete the remaining light installation e.g. feature wall, kitchen cabinet, vanity top, etc PLUS fixing of solid surface in kitchen n MBR toilet vanity top Friday - Painting touch up PLUS installation of sink and toilet accessories by plumber Saturday - Chemical wash of whole house part 2 And then, it will be handover! Yay!!!! I am counting down now!
  5. Oh gosh that's scary! Even a good lock doesnt offer as much security huh? Thanks for the tip - good, small lock!
  6. Thanks, Ben! I love your false ceiling too, great effect! Me too, thanks! Too bad I havent got the budget for black glass backing
  7. Dont worry, K's just busy with the shifting. Plus he is the manager there so, I guess he has a bigger responsibility of sorting out things, and doing up the mock displays, etc. He gave lates replies to some of my smses in the past two days too, but yesterday, he was apologising for the 'poor service' cos of the shifting. He is sweet la. Don't worry, Hirox, K will take good care of your house! Just keep telling him your concerns, and he will try his best to put them to rest!
  8. Hey people, notice that gap between the wardrobe doors? A bit too obvious isnt it. Need to tell K about it.
  9. Thanks Hirox! Went by my place this evening, saw two workers doing touch up on carpentary work. Almost done now, just fixing of kitchen and toilet accesories, chemical wash and one or two other things that need rectification. Hope, all things will be covered by Saturday. K will be busy till tomoro with shifting office to Upper Serangoon.
  10. Hey Hirox, one man's meat is another man's poison. When we are touched to see works being done late into the night, others have a problem. But what kind of noise can wet works make, and I am pretty sure K is very careful about such things. Siao neighbour, must be someone else!
  11. All the best Oonik! Now, with the schedule, you can look forward to the day's happenings! I like that too!
  12. Hahaha yes ma'am! Handover is this coming Saturday (hopefully), then we can take pictures again!
  13. Nice laminates Jessie Do let me how this contact is, will have to scout for curtains very soon too. Haven't started yet!
  14. I second that! I so envy such nice nice tiles. Mine are H*B given blue tiles!
  15. Thanks Mudster darling!