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  1. i bought my maxcoil matress - memory coil with pocketed spring at $1.6+ is this ex? i haven use or sleep on it. The matress was delivered last week. and we got to wait for AD...
  2. hm... i think hager? i need to go back and see the brand again. anyway is hager good?
  3. My ID using switch brand 'hanger'. He didnt ask me which brand i prefer. I think it is a good brand? Is hanger better or clipsal?
  4. expensive? Soild top Mine 1ft = $70 5feet = $350 Yous onli $280 Solid plywood with laminate Mine 1ft = $95 5feet = $475 Liao yours onli $150 i think urs is cheap... Mine so ex...
  5. My friend did her 4room resales with 35k include everything.
  6. i think if the wall is ok, or flat is new, dun need plastering la. Waste $$.
  7. Hi all, I am using LG dryer. It took me about 2hr to dry all the clothes. Was wondering if it is normal? So far, the dryer is good. so juz place all the clothes in the dryer. then after 2hr, can hang all the clothes in wardrobe liao. Electricity consumption, I am not sure. We wash once a week and on aircon twice a week. 1 month bill is about 30-40++.
  8. yes agree, dun sign unless you find comfortable with the quote and the ID. If increase then increase lo, can find others. If you dun sign with him, in the end, he also will not increase the price in order to get your job. You juz tell him you need to consider, then if he is good, he will still keep the original price for you.
  9. hi... I booked mine with ASA! dunno theirs is good anot. The sales keep saying that their itinerary is the best and great cause he himself went b4. dunno true anot.
  10. 1. A&D Interior 2. Kass Design 3. Cogito Image 4. Spacious Planners 5. Ideal House 6. I-Bridge 7. * 8. IntraDesign 9. Unimax 10. Baroque i am using 5) Ideal House! Good service. Been to 1) A&D, the ID not bad. He give ideas and tell us wat is better. Juz that he is very firm with the quotation, wun give discount. And even though we try hard to ask for discount, he is still patient to tell us "your can consider and come back to me if your decide to let me do ur house" And he smile... (we find that he is good and at that point of time, was thinking if he can give a little bit discount, we will get him. too bad, he is too firm) 8) IntraDesign, ID abit "bo chap". He is highly recommended by forumer. We met him once. We juz felt that he is very straight and like we are being 'ignored'. He didnt follow up. I am the one to contact him. His quote doesnt break down items price. So in the end, i didnt call him and he didnt come and find us. 9) Unimax - Met the ID at the expo. Young guy, think he doesnt know wat we wanted. He asked wat concept we like. And say will call me when quotation is ready. I dun think i received his quotation or his quotation too exp so we dropped him. 10) Baroque - We actually wanted to get him after many times of meet up. He is patient and always laugh. (dunno wat he is laughing at) He revised a few times of the quotation. His quote is reasonable and patient but everytime we ask to meet up, he wun come to our convenient location. We went to his office. Quite far. after a few meet up, another ID came to serve us... 5) Ideal house - ID is cute and service is good. He is the last ID firm we went to. We didnt know who to decide and came we saw his advert. First time met him, he seems experience. Chat for some time, and he promised to produce the quote. One week later, quote ready, he promised that we wun regret (its true, he is great). After that, everytime he meet us, he will let us choose where we prefer to meet. Even at my area, he is willing to come. So we decided on him. Quote is reasonable and most importantly, we felt comfortable with him. Let him done my house and he did a good job! The rest i nv came across. So i felt that, if you wan to choose an ID, Choose someone that u feel comfortable with. This is very important. We dropped the rest because we juz feel not very comfortable. All the previous ID we met during Jun and Aug 2006. and we didnt signed with them even they followed up till Jan 2007 (6mths +). We met Ideal house in less then 1 month and we decided on him.
  11. hahaha... a mere $4 everyone forget the tooth... anyway, if he does not wan to return a $4, he can log in using diff name and forgo the Enci login.. haiz... Maybe he is very poor? Maybe he needs the $4?
  12. Is it! then the travel agent bluff me. Ok, going to take the itinerary this weekend. thanks!