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  1. LEng

    Shanghai Tour

    sdg1200 is quite ex leh!
  2. I was there 2 yrs ago....went to 3 shopping malls but really nothing much....mostly selling low quality clothes and some souvenir.. only the shopping mall near the ferry terminal is good to shop. it is big and new similiar to JB jusco... i bought a Lea jean jacket which cant find this brand in singapore any more...( cannt remmeber the shopping mall name ) polo is really cheap in batam.
  3. i'm lookng for a partner to tag along to korea in oct.. pm me if interested..tks
  4. LEng

    Port Dickson

    don know the road ..so go by coach will be better..
  5. hi...planning for a short trip to port dickson for this coming long holiday. is it too late to plan? any one been there before? any advise? how to go there?
  6. wow...seem very fun. is the place turkey? went with tour group?
  7. i used to search frm http://www.asiahotels.com/ can search the hotel by city and also can view the comments of past users do comparison frm this website and the hotel's website...
  8. LEng


    i bought frm world of sport. the brand is HITEC..i think this brand is the cheapest brand for hiking shoes. But i find it v bulky leh...now putting in the storeroom i think will never hv chance to wear it . wat size u and ur wife wearing? i can sell it to u cheap if u don mind abt 100-140 cnat remember. But my fren was wearing normal running shoes she say no prob with it leh.
  9. LEng


    The clothing mentioned above shud be enough. Don bring so many bcos one sweater u can wear few days To me the scarf is a must . Bcos u can use it to cover ur mouth and face so ur own breathing will give u warmth and ur lip won get dry so easily. remember to bring lip balm and lotion. hv u bought the heatpack? i still hv one full packet ( got 10 pcs inside ). i can sell u cheap if u want i used 2 per day . One for right hand/one for left hand. Both put in the pockets of the jacket. The hiking shoes must buy water proof one. But it's still slippery lor . Must walk very careful on ice! I don know y i sick..but my fren suspect it's bcos of the crab! I ate the Hokkaido crab and some raw seafood on the 2nd day of the tour. After that i kept feeling like vomitting and had diarrehoa. My fren was telling me that the crab is 'cold' dish for women, women 's body cannt take it sometimes. Bring some medicine for flu/diarrehoa and maybe bring some vitamin C. Oh ya...the coldness will make ur body very dry and itchy..bring sth that can relief the itch
  10. LEng


    i went hokkaido last month. it's v cold and i fall sick :s i joined the SA tour but i find the foods provided are not v good! the meals were repeated everyday which we see already want to vomit. But the hotels are v good. windows facing lakes and very beautiful scenery! If go in june u can see flower blooming. But many peoples like to go in winter. It depends on wat u want to see.
  11. LEng


    i bought my water proof shoes frm world of sport... it's actually a hiking shoes...i guess shud be fine.
  12. LEng

    Shanghai Tour

    ya of course it's their job to attract more ppl to join the tour but if still not enof ppl then cannt go lor.. they will ask u either chnage date or destination if not, u can choose to withdraw and ask for refund. u may refer to the booking term and condition stated behind the receipt also.
  13. LEng

    Shanghai Tour

    go by group it's like that. u booked doesnt mean the date it's confirmed , normally they can only confirm the date one month before departure bcos they hv min ppl to form a group mah... last time i went sha also was asked to chnage the date..but to me it's ok bcos it's just one day different...
  14. LEng


    any place in singapore is selling snow boot?