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  1. You have to be updated when it comes to the government like ours. Already standby ERP gantries at a few KPE entries/exits, can see very clear about their intentions. If we are not updated and did not read what they said carefully, they will open the floodgate and allow so many foreigners into our country like nobody's business. If they do not think of the transport solution how are they going to justify their import FT policy? Singapore's resources is only so much, I for one will see how they can squeeze every drop of our resources to handle 6 million people in Singapore.
  2. Cannot agree more. I have stayed high floor and low floor before, it is the facing(and surrounding+your neighbours) that is more important. When your facing is right, even low floor can be very windy and quiet. Personally I will always go for unblock+avoid west sun instead of looking at floor level.
  3. Hi, 1st of all, SMRT and SBS do not decide and have the authority to add new stations. It is the government through LTA that decides that. So please get this clear. SMRT and SBS are just transport companies that "bid" to run and manage the lines/stations. 2ndly, if you have followed the news, the PAP government through the transport minister has already said no stations shall be left unopened because of reasons mentioned by you above anymore. So all the new stations will have to open no matter what. Those remaining stations including LRT stations previously left unopened are not affected by the new ruling. Another thing is, 2 days ago news already reported the change in policy to improve the infrastructure 1st to attract people to move to a new town instead of waiting for critical mass to build up.
  4. Hi, what you said(about testing market) maybe one of the possibilities. But another possibility which I think is highly possible is the seller has no choice but to ask for such a high COV. Reason being the valuation might not even match the price he bought previously. The transacted prices for Bishan flats was so high in the 90s that even now at this moment with the current high prices of HDB resale cannot even match up to that period in the mid 90s. So for those young couple or those who are buying flat for the 1st time and complain about the high resale price and the COV, you guys havent see anything yet
  5. OT abit and apologies for using this old thread, I received my mastercard statement of account and I saw a $4 charge and I keep wondering what was that and why I need to use card for something which only amount to $4 and only much much later did I realised that I usd my card to pay and enjoy discount for Natas entrance fee
  6. Ya something different...Maybe she made a nrop "video" instead Quite sure after watching the "video" Mount Fuji will not be the only thing erupt
  7. Totally agree. I have never join or book for any tour from any travel agencies when I go for holiday. Everything is DIY, from booking of air tickets directly with airline to hotel rooms via internet or phone call. Why go through 3rd party when you can go direct anyway
  8. zirhk3355, dont get me wrong, I am not doubting their sacrifice or their commitment. I feel proud and happy for Singapore and for them too. I am sure majority of the Singaporeans feel happy and proud of this silver medal win. But some Singaporeans failed short of proclaiming this feeling coz they feel this is a hollow victory becoz of FT policy. I can feel that's the sentiments of some Singaporeans. I am sure alot of us would not want to make it complicated. But too bad its not that easy, especially when nationalism and money are involved. You think about it, why would Singapore invest so much in sports and use whatever means to achieved success? What would you or the country get in return from doing all these? And more importantly, this is not just about sports anymore. It is about our identity as a Singaporean, what it means to be a Singaporean, how we feel about being a Singaporean.
  9. I think the threadstarter should edit the topic title coz its really misleading. Your title should be "Y MY Man Change Only After Staying Together" instead of "Y Do Man Change Only After Staying Together" coz you are implying all men change only after staying together, unless you mean something dirty Anyway how can you be so sure that your man change only after staying together? It could be that was the real him all along and you dont know him that well afterall.
  10. Search deep inside your own heart and you will know you are having conflicting feelings about this whole thing. On one hand we are happy that Singapore won an Olympic silver, on the other hand this was achieved by FT, which does give us a bitter taste to the achievement accomplished. I think to summarise, what we want are those FT that come to Singapore not for the purpose of the money offerred, but because they want to come here themselves and are prepared to become a "real Singaporean". Comparing the 3 paddlers, 李佳薇 are the most likely to be more "accepted" by Singaporeans because she came to Singapore when she was in her teens and become citizens in the late 90s. And she felt the most when they overcome the Koreans, as seen on the tv when she was overwhelmed by emotions. Whether the emotions is more on a personal level or country level, we dont know. But I am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt that she has indeed become "more Singaporean" coz no matter what she will definitely have some feelings towards Singapore after staying here for more than 10 years. Below is video clip of her interview and also 冯天薇 on China television. Apologises to the non-chinese as this is in mandarin. http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=426895254
  11. If you have some idea on what kind of design you want, then contractor is the way to go. Moreover, some contractors are just in name only and some do know how to design too. Some prefer to call themselves contractors because they also provide sub-con services to other id renovation companies/agencies. 1. Usually they will. But I would advice you to have some basic knowledge of the materials 1st. 2. Yes they will measure. Drawing maybe yes maybe no. 3.They should know. They are suppose to be professional in their field. But its best if you remind them, especially when nowadays there are other workers from sh.it countries like China. If they employ Malaysian workers then should be ok coz usually they know what to do. 4. If they are responsible they will. But you must see if their reasons are logical or not. Hence I said you must at least have some basic knowledge about the materials.
  12. Not a fan of ceiling fan. Cleaning is already not very convenient plus the risk of accidents especially when I am quite tall. I just raise my hand and I can touch the fan already. Moreover it will be a sore eye if the whole thing is spoiled. I feel ceiling fan is not suitable for HDB flats unless you have a high ceiling.
  13. Not too sure about that. Your divider is at the entrance of your main door, serve to block direct view to living room right? Let say you leave your living room as it is without doing false ceiling, I looked at your floorplan and I think there should be 2 downlights at the foyer leading to your master room, one just outside your master room/common room entrance and the other outside common toilet/study room. Can cut down to 1 if you think is too much. 2 downlights also needed for the foyer one just after main door entrance and then bomb shelter entrance. And 3 more downlights, 2 at your so-called dinning area and the other one just before turning to living room from the study room(which means there will be 3 downlights in 1 straight line from foyer of your master room entrance to the point before turning to living room) Btw I think I make a mistake. 10 downlights may not be enough if you include your living room. I forgot I have mixtures of PLC and halogen downlights. Though I have less than 10 PLC and halogen downlights and in total downlights they are more than 10
  14. We did the same as what you have in mind too. Our living room have 1 main light surrounded by downlights with mixtures of PLC and halogen lights. Dinning area using PLC downlights. Foyer too. If you just want bright enough, just go for PLC lights. They are bright enough and energy saving and if you position them in right locations and spread evenly out. Around 10 downlights should be enough for both living and dinning area including foyer for your unit. Your false ceiling design should be surrounding your main living lights.(Square/rectangular design false ceiling) For your dinning area your false ceiling should cover your whole dinning area including your foyer. After that you have to decide whether to go for square or round downlights. Now the trend is square. And 2 tubes per downlight. Then either white or warm lights. Nowadays warm lights are not so yellow and "warm" and are energy saving too. And it creates a more cosy feeling in your house. But brightness of course cant compare with white lights. Still it does not make your living room less bright if you choose warm lights. Again it depends on what is the theme of your house.