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  1. hi all, thks for all the advise from all of u. seems that things are getting better since the first time i created this talk. not very sure if i am the one creating trouble or many ladies had gone tru this before too. well, since then , i had started to sms my hubby very frequently and some times i will add in to tell him that i love him soooooooo much n wanna him to assure that he loves me too.. N he replied too. n created little time just for small talk n spent more time with him too on this 2 weekends. i think this will be the end of this talk until i have further question to ask. thks again. luv u all......
  2. ya... someone wrote that too. but u know , think its me who only realised that he is different from previous ma...
  3. wa....from ur words. u trusted ur man so much... gd gd
  4. hi ryan13680, thks.... i know all this all this while but say is easy then do ma.....
  5. Cantona7. ROM for 2 yrs . only moved in to stay together these past 3 wks. hee hee know man don change becos of u.... well it only me who is changing.... ur story sound very familiar.... hee hee Ur GF??? thought its wife?? ( read ur forum too) so true that i know this NOBODY is somebody that he don wanna me to knw. perpentual, 24/7??? nvr hear him say. even so , he should be picking up instead of no pickin up rite?? mind somewhere someplace lor.. Phantom. urs is always so chim n so tue.. me married for 3 yrs this yr but only stay together this 3 wks yest , i try to be romantic.. know what?? iburn armoma in the rm n know what happen??? he didn't close the rm close when he came in cos he say how to sleep with the rm such a smell.. sighhhhhhhhhh really don know what to say....
  6. weekend ??? maybe going for a movie n dinner........
  7. i know that checking his things is bad for a relationship. but NU.. pic from female? a bit odd rite.. would anyone do that ?? devil says he is n angel says he is not... so how??? know what??? i had think think until i dont know what to do. plan for what? if in e past, i would have confronted him n give that lady a call. but now........
  8. unanswered calls are normally not in bed time. night is the smses.. artistic photos - is she trying to say something to him? getaway? we do 2 to 3 times a yr but only not this yr cos we were concentrating on the new house reno n wedding this yr. i tried to breathe but think breathless already... one question.... how to make him talk????
  9. thks everyone!!!! appreciate so much of my naggin. i m a out going person who seldom stay at home . but he is the type that likes to stay at home . so i different. ( had been less since i know him cos he also getting old la) cutepinkelephant- thks . before marriage i had my arrguments with him to to let him open up . talk to him from work to friends to family members but turns out only me doing the talking. tot many of that will motived him to talk too. but after now 6 yrs already n this seems worst then before. Ahjane the lady's husband don know my hubby well to sent him all those emails la. i had check all the spam n sent mail too he too sent to that 2 lady only. me very seldom. i think from mar 08 till now only 3 email forwarded to me n others mainly to her too. oh ya. i check the address book too. only 4 of us. ME, My si n that 2 ladies. cantona7 read my books n online that we have to give space to each other , but for this case email n phone calls whom not ans also consider space n privacy? i can always get someone to call me at night but he seems no reaction ( sleeping away )