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  1. me oso super busy.... short of breath already...
  2. eh... course fee increased by $10. long time never go to their website i oso dunno since when they start to exclude gst from the course fees stated...
  3. course fees increased!! last time no need to pay for GST. now gotta pay for GST... haizz... close to 300 bucks for 2 mths... i guess it's not that bad... i will have to save up more...
  4. i'm re-starting my japanese lessons this coming may!!
  5. i think most of us had the same experienced. we were all impressed by the nice wardrobes and bedroom sets that they have in their shops or exhibition. needless to say, i'm one of those who fell into their trap too they didnt even mention anything abt the unfair T&C that is BEHIND the receipt. and as the same, we havent really decide if we were buying or not and the lady boss (janet) had asked her assistant to issue us the invoice. when i called her up reflecting my unhappiness on her T&C, similarly she bragged abt her products and even said she can make adjustments on the clauses that i'm not happy with. as i've mentioned, we decided to give up on our deposit. someone called and asked us when we would like them to go down and take measurements. when i told the person we decided to forgo the deposit, the person didnt even say anything and just hang up the phone. i just the company survived by this means of income? :X
  6. previous thread: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...amp;hl=univonna
  7. prob the insects oso took lifts mah....
  8. i'm taking tense up now oso. for a short period of time only lah. after my 3 boxes finished up then i stop. coz sometime back i find my skin very awful... i using Pola brand facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. used to use the sunblock cum foundation but the sunblock not power enuff as i have to go on site sometimes and will be exposed to strong sunlight throughout the day...
  9. isit?? hmm... anyway, i got another moisturizer under the same series liaoz... i've used the moisturizer for 3 mths+ still like dat. now after i switch to the same series, skin become better
  10. i oso swear by fancl cleansing oil!! i tried their moisturizer, not bad but causes my skin to break out. my facial auntie says the moisturizer used has to be compatible with the toner used. so i have to get the same series of toner and cannot use the fancl moisturizer
  11. ya. locations not to ur convenience... haizz.... how to enjoy my hols like dat
  12. NK Hairworks branches at: Anchorpoint, Heartland Mall, Parkway Parade, Whitesands original price: 6 sessions at $540. Left: 4 sessions Looking to let go at $320. hair mist treatment is at $108 + 7% gst now promo price is $88+7% gst with package, gst is inclusive so no additional charge.
  13. then u mind helping me to ask ur frens if they interested?? can be used for treatment de...