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  1. never deal with this company that promises so much but cannot deliver. read the other thread for my personal experiences.
  2. no, they did not call me to check the dimensions. for anything that you measure, please please please indicate on the order form that YOU WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MISTAKES IN MEASUREMENTS because it is their duty to go down to the site to take measurements, not you. i am sure that they promise you that they will go and do site measurement before you pay, once you pay the deposit they will take back their words. be firm with this company and make their life 10 times harder if they make your life hard. insist on free gifts if they don't meet your deadlines or design. another advice is email the company with your unhappiness, CC it to CASE as well. that's what i did.
  3. "whether i am satisfied with the product i receive from Co'zy?" there was something wrong with the bed that i receive, the head board was 1 inch higher than what i ask them to make. i can be particular about this mistake but i decided not to. don't think that i want to deal with them anymore. just a further update: i refuse to pay the remaining $1000 until i receive the free gifts. and they refuse to call me/contact me.... so i could not be bothered. i am the customer and they are the service provider. so finally, they decided to call me. ONLY WHEN I RECEIVE THE FREE GIFTS, THEN I SIGN THE CHEQUE. i think all of you should be hard on them when you are not satisfied. also, to those people who are thinking of getting a bed from Co'zy, let me tell you that after comparing the prices and everything, CO'ZY BED IS NOT THE CHEAPEST AND BEST THAT YOU CAN GET FROM THE MARKET. i have seen better designs and good bedframes from other shops.
  4. as an update, my bed finally arrived... NOT WITHOUT ANOTHER BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY! 1) no one called me regarding the time of delivery at all! they expect me to sit and wait for them the whole day. in the end, i was so fed up, i called up the showroom and demanded them to give me a time frame so that i can be around to receive the bed. a time was arranged after i demanded. 2) when the mattress was delivered, the delivery guy never even bothered to remove the plastic cover after placing it on the bed! 3) i have been trying to call the showroom and look for the sales girl who promised to give me 2 throw cushions and a memory foam pillow as free gift. but apparently, she is NO LONGER IN THE FURNITURE SHOWROOM. thus, i refuse to give my remaining $1000, until i receive my free gifts. 4) since 3 weeks ago when the mistake in the construction happened, i have been requesting to speak to their boss. NO NEWS AT ALL FROM THEM! i have received private pms from other forum users as well and they do have bad experiences to share regarding this shop. so visit this shop at your own risk. just want to share my bad experiences with all of you out there!
  5. am glad that someone else confirmed with me that Co'zy has bad after sale services. also, just to let all of you know approximately what kind of profit margin they have (in case you want to bargain with them!): i bought a mattress from them when i ordered my bed frame. i was quoted about $1250. the sale girl told me that since i bought the bed frame from them, she is giving me a "very special" price for the mattress. i told her i am not prepared to pay that kind of money for the mattress. and i told her my maximum is $700. and guess what? she made a phone call, and agreed to the price of $700 plus 7% GST. i told her either you waive off the GST or i will walk out. immediately, she waived off the 7% GST. moral of the story - you can get a mattress priced at $1250 (+7% GST) for $700 (including GST)
  6. had a very bad experience at this shop called Co'zy - located at furniture mall. they have a new branch at the new international furniture center and participate in many furnishing exhibition. they sell customised bed and will tell you that they have more than 20 years of experiences in manufacturing of storage beds. i was attracted by a bed on display and decided to purchase one from them. 1) i paid a deposit to indicate my intent. was told to arrange a date after i have gotten my keys, so that they can go down to take site measurement. 2) after i have gotten my keys, i went down to expo and tried to arrange a date for site measurement. i was told off by this other sales girl, "your house ready? finished renovation?" in a very unpleasant tone. i replied, "has not finished renovation yet, but i have gotten the keys". then i was told "you want us to go measure so early for what?!? your house also not ready, we take site measurement also no use." ok... i had to go off dejected and very unhappy but i don't want to create a fuss in public at expo. 3) 2 weeks after expo, i went to the shop at furniture mall to inform them that it's time for them to take site measurement since i finishing renovation work soon. to my horror, i was told "my men are very busy with exhibition work now, you have to measure the site yourself and then send it to me". 4) after taking measurements and sending it to them, i waited another 3 weeks for the bed to be manufactured. finally, the date for delivery arrived. i asked them what time will they arrive? the same sales girl told me cannot confirm. they expect me to wait the whole day for them? at least narrow it down to between 3pm - 5pm. 5) when the bed was delivered, to my horror... they customised it in the wrong direction! after waiting for 3 weeks, i was given a bed which is a mirror image of what i wanted!! that is what they have to offer after more than 20 years of experiences in manufacturing beds. 6) they could not meet deadlines, they don't do site measurements, they don't set fix time for delivery and worst they make wrong things for you! and i thought it's only reasonable that they give some sort of compensation, discounts, free gifts - NONE!! just my personal experiences. moreover, i can tell you that their beds don't come cheap. after paying the deposit, i found designer beds that are cheaper than what they have to offer, with mattress thrown in as well.