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  1. Hi suneeta devi Sealing up ,water proofing, tiles ,remove the door =750 ? Then you know the hacking price include install the door ?
  2. Hi suneeta devi You mean seal up the wall cost 750 ?
  3. Hi greenbunny Try to contact renotalk by fb or email about this. After I contact them , now back to normal. It really sian that post can't be process in time for us to chat .
  4. Hi suneeta devi . How much you pay for the sealing up?
  5. Hi mmoh. Thanks for the reply. Ya cos I dun really like toilet door **** room as not so fang bian. If toilet door can't change location then bo bian. Ya now my post had been seen , but it take so many days to approved .
  6. Hi everyone is it possible To reno like this? Thank you
  7. Hi greenbunny. Care to share your id ? Hi Francis thanks for your reply . By the way why now when posting, need to approve by moderator ? Previously dun need de
  8. Hi greenbunny. Wow... so nice . By the way , you change your swing door to sliding door ? So after key collection then apply for the cement screeding from hdb ?