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  1. Maybe u can try a company by the name of Excel located at Northpoint or Shanghai tong lee?
  2. get those small transparent rubbery looking square...to stick on the handles..as cushion.
  3. sometimes cant count by the size of job too...they come all the way for a job..big or small..the margin and labour and transport is fixed.... if they come to do a 3 hours job...they use the same time to transport too from whereever they come from... so bigger job normally sound cheaper cos we see bigger surface area...
  4. i also wanted to put the gas cylinder underneath my sink...carpenter not in favour..afraid that while changing the gas cylinder, we would accidentally hit the water pipe behind it...will be disaster...but i cant place it beside the oven...which oven is underneath the hob...scare too close..too hot will explore.. sigh
  5. i dunno wor..mine started on 30th Mar..is the Qing Ming right???
  6. did not know they are at sungei kadut. I only buy from them in IMM. So far..3 sets of fabric sofa costing 2k+ for 3 families each and a king size bedframe with mattress 3k+ for my own use. No prob leh. My most loved items at home.
  7. think the deco magazine in the market are asian based and would be suitable. Heard this month home & deco is good, not sure thou..i have stopped buying them.
  8. hi, DNKY, after doing the L shape sink area...how much walk space to the toilet entrance, any prob with hanging out the clothes to outside? area enuff for walking thru?
  9. that woman has a home? since ur father is assumingly not working..and you are assumingly supporting him... he still has the means to get married and support a wife? that woman is being supported by her own children? if so, they should continue to support....should have no financial issue ba. if they think they no longer need to support since their mother remarry.....then ask your father go over there to stay ba...and do like wise..... everything stay the same...instead of that lady transporting everyday to your home....as a guest...she move over to stay...but her family member should still continue to support her also... or else what she eat at your house???
  10. no change in toilet door and toilet window and toilet pipping??? no installation of basin and toilet bowl??
  11. hi zeeqi, can share ur cost on the kitchen sliding door. Is the frame wooden? i wun wan aluminum either.
  12. i too have this..when saw this foto..i tot i am looking at my kitchen..haha...same tiles even.. mine is a aluminum door with a small key hole...not sure why it is not wooden as shown in the pic... i will be doing a (2 door-upper and lower) cabinet to hide this door as well as the rubbish chute.
  13. 2k+ abit ba...din alter..go for full length..cream color too... i wash it once...take out is easy...put back is not...sweat ah... vacumn it once every quarter....and wash once a year lo
  14. hi, hope you guys can help me with this. my parents home is using Toshiba Inverter Sys 4 with 1 compressor and 4 blowers (3 bedrooms and 1 living room). Recently, the indoor unit / blower or watever u call it in bedroom 3 is leaking on its right side. We got a repairguy to come and he said need cleaning. Indeed, it has been 2 years since any cleaning takes place. So he clean. The aircon unit works fine. 2 weeks later, the left side of the same indoor unit of bedroom 3 starts leaking and dripping heavily. We called for the same repair guy again. He said there is some prob with the motherboard in the compressor. To prevent leaking, we should ON the aircon in bedroom 2 at the same time. So to change the motherboard, choice 1 - brand new motherboard chip $900 choice 2 - 2nd hand motherboard chip $600 (dunno from where they can 2ndhand) i am not very good technically, so i really hope for some advice. thanks