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  1. My aircon is Daikin, 5 years old already. There are 4 indoor units, and 2 outdoor units. I called a service company (found from internet) to have normal maintenance. One young man and one old man came. At first, the old man said that one of my remote-controls is fault, need to purchase a new one, and it costs S$90. I said no need, because I have 4 remote-controls, one is fault, but still can use any three. Then the young guy told me that my air-filters are old style, there are new type of air-filter and cost at S$24/pc. Each indoor unit needs 2 pieces. I said it is not necessary to change. Then they started to clear the aircon. When going to finish, I heard they talked something at my backyard, where to place the outdoor units. Then the old man come to me and told me, one of the part in outdoor unit need to change. I went to the back yard, the young man show me the small part in his hand, it looks like a fuse. He said it changed into black color due to overheat, so it should be changed, otherwise it will burn soon, and cause electrial board burn together. I asked what it is and what its function. He said its name is 'Thermo Controller' (I can't remember the exact name), the function is to control the temperature to within control. But it costs more than S$160 for the new one. The old man took out the new one from his bag, said it is made in Japan, that's why it is expensive. He repeated again ang again, If now I don't change, once it burn, it will burn the electrial board together. The electrial board costs S$600-800! I notice the new part is a small part with a long copper wire. But the part in young man's hand is without wire. So I asked them why they looks different. The young man said he cut the parts down from the wire to show me. He can install it back if I don't want change. I don't know aircon, but I think there should not be any electrial board at outdoor units. Otherwise it will short circuit during raining. So I told them I don't want change at this moment. Anyone know anything about this part 'Thermo Controller'? Is it ture it will burn and cause electrial board burn together? Should I change it since it turns to dark already?
  2. I just bought a 5-years-old unit from a young couple (I believe they seldom cooked at home). The built-in oven is Ariston. When I use it, the first 10 mins is ok, afterthen, it trip my circuit breaker. I have tried twice, both same. I found someone faced same problem in the forums and they called service people came down to repair, cost them S$220!!! Too expensive!!! Is there any other way to settle it without call service people???