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  1. Hi Jess No worries, you must be very busy now... but I am really happy that things are moving at your place and finally, you have an idea when you can move into your new home. I will awaits your PM... Btw, it's a Queen Seahorse Mattress. My hubby said I have mentioned bed... paisay... Wishing you & family a blessed Christmas & fantastic 2010...
  2. Hi Jess You may have missed out my posting. Let me know if you are interested in taking my Queen bed. You can view the pictures under "Garage Sales .. Exchange.."
  3. Hi Jess I read that you have not gotten your bed. I have an extra Queen size Seahorse bed at home. Wanted to sell it but I have asked my hubby and we decided to give it to you but you will have to arrange transport. Please let me know if you are interested. Hope that you and your family can move into your home soon... and have a peaceful Christmas. Best Regards
  4. Pls. call me @ 97246688. I want to buy your matress

  5. Hello Mr. Chong Did you have time to check out a good move-in date for me? I have PM you all our information back in May. Please let me know if you need me to re-send. My house renovation will be done and our furniture are coming in this Saturday, 06June. Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks.
  6. Hi Mace Need your advise on how do we select a good move-in date from our normal calendar that states the good/bad timing & suitable for what activities? Thanks very much.
  7. Hello Mr. Chong I have PM you the link to view our unit compass reading and surrounding environment. Kindly let me know if you are able to view. Thank you very much and shall awaits your advise. Best Regards Jasmine
  8. Mr. Chong I have already message you our DOB & Time. Thank you. I am trying to figure out how to post the pictures. Best Regards
  9. Hello Mr. Chong We need your advise on move in date. Our unit is currently under renovation and should be done by mid-may. We have already booked our ROM date for 16 June 2009, Tuesday. I will PM you our DOB & TIME. For our unit compass reading. I have the pictures of inside and surrounding of the unit but not sure how to upload. Do you think I can email to you? Greatly appreciate your advise. Many thanks!
  10. I didn't start reno yesterday as HDB told my contractor can only start on Monday, 13April. I have checked the calendar and it is a GOOD DATE.. Hopefully all goes well.. HENG HENG Ahh... Yeah.. After 25April is Lunar Calendar April month.. I can't delay any further as my furniture and other stuffs are coming in end April / early May... Best of Luck to all of us... & A happy Easter Holiday... Regards Jasmine
  11. Hi there... Thanks.. i will be starting mine tomorrow 08 April.. didn't consult any FS master.. I just see a GOOD DATE & TIME from the calendar.. hehe.. All the best ya.. Jasmine
  12. Hello there... Need some help.. Heard ppl said that it's not good to start renovation during the tomb sweeping week. Is it true or can we still proceed just need to have a good time/date that suits our DOB? Greatly appreciate. Best Regards Jasmine
  13. Hello Mr. Chong I will PM you the pictures & compass reading link of our unit together with our DOB/time. Many thanks! Jasmine
  14. Hello Mr. Chong I read your pin post on providing compass reading. I have taken and will upload with pictures of my unit + surrounding as we need also your advise on placement of our furnishing. Many thanks in advance. Best Regards Jasmine
  15. Hello Mr. Chong It's been a while. First of all, thank you for the advise on date for official open door. and now, I need your kind advise on how to choose a good renovate date/time? We are looking at starting end of next week most likely. Once again, thanks very much for your kind help. Best Regards Jasmine