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  1. no need change door frame unless it's in a terrible condition- just ask Darren to quote loh. and don't forget to ask him seal up the vents above the door. Congrats & can't wait to see the transformation
  2. Hi KonMing: I'll try get my husband to take the pictures of the living hall soon. for now we're going to start the defects so I think it'll be abit messy to show.. But basically it's triangle shape where the point is where u're seated on the sofa. Pinklady: Hmm that's a tough question cos I bought my full set with discounts and stuff. I'll dig out my receipt and let u know. But when I bought it last yr, there's a promotion whereby if u buy a 3 seater, u get the 2 seater at half price. We were like " wah 50% discount good deal lei!" so we bought it and now it's abit too big for our living hall. But it's VERY VERY SHIOK! We fell asleep on the sofa a few times liao ... I LURV IT! heee But hor we only decided on Lorenzo after a very loonnnng search cos it's also abit pricey.. but after looking at so many so called 'italian' designer (looks fake..) sofas at furniture mall, we think Lorenzo is still more trustworthy and the quality of the leather still better than the rest. So take your time to decide. Ahjane: yup yup the door is wooden and made up of laminates and our glass is all tempered. total is approx $3.2k and it's designed by my ID- I just tell him i want with frame so he came up with this simple design. it's top sliding so no track and all 4 doors can slide to the centre- the 1st and 4th panels are not fixed so it's easy to clean those areas. Do you intend to do the same thing for your home?
  3. Yah, my husband got a RS6 from Precision Audio from Edward, quite a honest and nice guy. He tilted the speakers at about 40 degrees towards his normal sitting position to get the optimal sound due to the short length in our living hall.
  4. I also got a FSM to 'audit' my home... luckily my primary colour is white, 2nd is yellow and 3rd is green so heng we got white heh heh No red or black walls allowed, no tiger pictures allowed too. And my cooker hob cannot be placed at the same wall as my MBR as it'll clash with our energy as our heads will be there. Lucky no funny things to modify in my house too else the reno cost will go up!! Good luck!
  5. Hi Rondy, I bought 1 extendable bamboo and it ended up so heavy at the end of the pole that it'll bend slightly when I hang it outside. Although I manage to spread a few t-shirts on the pole, it's too heavy and just ridiculously long. So in the end I still use the shorter version Maybe I don't have much strength.. so u can buy 1 and try first. After all u can still use it inside your home if you encounter same problem as me.
  6. Well so far not much updates to my blog. My permanent Lorenzo sofa has come in and we're enjoying it very much! Sometimes i fall asleep on the 2 seater while my husband knock out on the 3 seater My ID has also taken note of the defects list and will be continueing to work on it. But actually it's more like finishing up some final things, 1. boxing up the aircon pipe in my MBR so that they can install the wall fan 2. Cover a hole in the shoe cabinet because I change the position of my foyer light electrical trunking 3. Change the mirror in the MBR toilet as there's a black patch 4. change the drainage cover in the kitchen to be the type without holes- since i won't be pouring water on the kitchen floor for washing. 5. Kitchen toilet accessories rack is slightly tilted 6. Patch up all grout lines and paint work- I use magic sponge to clean the wall until the paint came off! So never use Magic sponge on the walls! And sigh keep procrastinating to fix my Rinnai Hob's burner... the safety valve make me on the ignitor for at least 8 seconds!! urgh... wasting my gas... Overall also very satisfied with my Montelli solid surface top! Easy to maintain, scratches not obvious and can't see water stains. Much better than Crestar which another owner complained to me that she can't wipe off the spagetti sauce stain after cooking.
  7. Hi I noticed you didn't remove the curtains. Do you intend to reuse them? If yes, better remove else it'll accumulate too much dust and dirt. If no, you might want to check on the condition of the curtain track. if not usable then can ask contractor remove for you.
  8. Hi Sillydolphin, do you mean the wall colours? I use Nippon Lily white for almost all the living room and kitchen and bedroom walls cos i lazy to pick the colours hee hee . It looks yellowish because of the warm light. My other bedrooms are blue, one of the master bedroom wall is mocha and another room is a light yellow but i can't remember the code. All using nippon paint If you want I can ask my ID for the codes- PM me if you're keen. Thanks
  9. wow open concept kitchen Did you draw 2 dining tables? hmmm
  10. Hi pg, i'm dan using zeegi account. Prehaps what you can do is to change the laminate if you don't like woody look, some of my other friends did that, it will look exactly like a new cabinet that has undergone plastic surgery. So just ask the ID to qoute the cost for the kind of laminate you want. And if you perfer a better quality and a more unique finishing, you can go for the brand formica. Easily cost 20% to 300% more compare to those normal laminate that the ID's recommend. Usually ID's do carry this brand but they never hard sell this because of the cost. So how much it cost will depends on what kind of finishing you choose. http://www.formica.com.sg/prodinfo_hpl.html It should only cost a few hundred bucks to change whole kitchen cabinet laminate if you a normal laminate.
  11. I got a quote from Ixe too and i find him very knowlegable on higher end quality products. I also liked his professionalism and he even gave me 2 drawings to cater to 2 different types of budget. Unfortunately despite a few negotiations his quote still can't fit my budget so have to drop him.. especially during such bad economic times
  12. Hi Ayong, I think a better approach is for you to visit showrooms, talk to the various designers/ contractors and compare the costs between the quotes. You can also refer to Renotalk's various sub-forums to find out the costs of materials and other very useful info. You may also request to speak to Darren from Plush Living. Angel81: Thanks
  13. i see that the original layout shows that your main door is at the balcony... that's something new hmmm
  14. wow what a big squarish place u have! But funny thing is how come the WC & bath is seperated in the kitchen? How old is this flat?
  15. Tower's suggestion is a good idea