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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to voice this out but i need some advise. Background : My neighbour's contractor came by to inform that there will be hacking done. He request to enter the house to see my ceiling condition before hacking starts. My mum refuse to open door. Last week hacking started and over the weekend we spotted watermarks on the kitchen ceiling. I called the contractor and inform him of the situation. He claim that it could be a prexisting condition as my mum did not open the door and he is not able to access the situation. Anyway he agreed to come down and take a look. Now my question is Can the contractor escape responsiblity like this? Is it a rule that my mum need to open the door? Who can I complain to if the contractor refuse to do anything? HDB? The contractor also claim that we are not allow to do plastering on ceiling. Is it true? He claim that if ceiling plastering crack due to hacking is it not his problem coz we are not allow to plaster the ceiling. Thanks alot in advance.
  2. JTS : my parents did a whole hse reno a couple of years back. We are lucky as we manage to find a short term rental ( ard 2.5 mths ) through renotalk.. your best bet is to look for new owners that just got their flat and not in a hurry to move in.. see if they are willing to rent out their hse to for a couple of mths.. gd luck!
  3. Need help.. Who can i look for to replace my current PD door.. it gave away a few days back.. the top part of the door broke off.. Any one can help??
  4. Y didnt u go back to your contractor since it is only 2 years? Is your a resale flat? I kena the same thing too.. called my old contractor and he got his guys to replace it for me.. Not FOC of coz.. i need to pay for the labour and the tiles.. I talk to the guy that came down to redo my tiles and complain to him.. he mention that it is quite a common problem for china homogenous tiles..it is due to the tile quality..it is not becoz the worker eat snake or put less cement..just that over time some of the tiles will not "eat" the cement and will have the hollow effect.. so since i am using back the same tile..the problem may resurface or it may happen to my other tiles as well.. * sianz * I am not sure what he say is true anot..so just to share..
  5. warranty 2 yrs only.. problem happen after warranty..i dont think the carpenter they use is very good so not very keen to inform them
  6. My built in wardrobe starts to give me problem after 3 years. Now I am having difficulities closing and opening one of the sliding door. Suspect there is some issue with the rollers.. Not very keen to call my contractor ( since it is more than 3 yrs liao )to tell them abt this problem.. Anyone know of any carpenter that is willing to take a look at my problem?? Please email me at poseidon_gal@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  7. did you manage to repair your wardrobe?? Start to have problem with my sliding door as well.. suspect is the rollers..sigh..my wardrobe only 3 yrs old.. anyone can help or know of anyone that is able to help me take a look?? email me at poseidon_gal@hotmail.com
  8. I realise some of my tiles are hollow and the condition is getting from bad to worst.. Any one willing to take up the job to change the tiles for me? I am able to provide the tiles.
  9. how often do we need to re-line silicone gel?? or wait until leak then do?
  10. Up to this day..yes..still using the stupid magnet solution.. dont want to do anything about it liao..gave up
  11. Need help.. I realise i have a few pcs of hollow tiles.The condition of the hollow tiles are getting from bad to worst as the location of the tiles is in the mid of human traffic in my hse.. Anyone has any contact to help me to re-tile those few pcs of tiles?? I still have the tiles with me. So need someone to hack off the hollow tiles..cut the new tiles to size and put it back.. I dont want to look for contractor or go back to my old ID for this issue..too small a job for them..i dont think they will even be bothered to entertain me..
  12. me again..after using pd door for 2 years plus..the hinge came off..not able to close the door properly and end up we have to solve the problem by using magnet.. hengz only install in master bedroom..cannot imagine if i install it in the kitchen toilet..
  13. my kitchen cabinet tempered glass is still as gd as new.. we didnt cook much anyway =p my rubbish chute spoil liao.. unbelievable.. 1 yrs plus only.. cannot open now.. forever close.. went back to my ID and was told that this one is wear and tear not under 2 yr warranty.. so i need to pay to get his guys to come down and change it for me.. and it cost more than what was quoted inside my reno package.. *suck thumb*
  14. how much does the maxden rubbish chute cost?