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  1. me just tried Lotus at IMM. Am keen on it too... but still hvn't commit. seems to be not dat popular?
  2. Sorry, i won't be of much help cos i dun hv contacts for Civil PEs, only Electrical ones. cheers, Joe
  3. just curious, but do you really need a PE to approve reno work? cos i thot an LEW (licensed electrical worker) would do. or u mean a Civil PE? regards, joe
  4. Hi All, in my previous 2 flats, i changed my rubbish chute to Maxden's one. Now, i realize i cant find their advert nor their website. anyone happens to know any news about them? Thanks in advance! cheers, Joe
  5. Hi, am keen in the System 3 non-inverter. Would like to get Sanyo, which has 3 ticks. Model: SAP-CM1826S Cheers and thanks!
  6. Hi BBW, can u pm me the contact no or address of the co? Thanks in advance. Cheers!