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  1. Selling this sofa. Great condition. Cellini brand so it is good quality. The sofa is like a spring bed hence very comfortable and supports you well. It's quite long hence can also use a day bed. Please arrange your own delivery. Length 3 meter Width 1 meter Text me at 96694715
  2. Hi, I started to notice these stains on my floor outside of the toilet door and it has been growing bigger and bigger. And this morning I saw even darker stain on the marble wall under the sink. Wondering whether I could apply some poultice to absorb these stain in the pores e.g. Stonetech Stain Remover from Du Pont, or does this look like something more serious like maybe a leak in the piping under the marbles? Anyone out there has any good advice? Thank you! BR/JS https://www.dropbox.com/s/53a16cel5u2n6ne/20131208_142021.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/23mqg5z004lkfiv/20131208_141954.jpg
  3. Hi Joe, That's right, it's Civil PE I need. Planning to do some wall hacking and would like to get a few PE to check their rate and engage the most reasonable one. I think it's good to have options and do my own checks before deciding. Do know any you could recommend? Mind sharing the contact? Thank you! Regards, jsaputra
  4. Hi all, Could you guys share contact info on good and reasonable professional engineer (PE) for approving some renovation work? Thank you in advance. Regards, jsaputra
  5. Hey, I just viewed this condo unit last week and I really liked it. It just that the living space can be more spacious if the storage room is hacked. Is it possible to find out which wall can be hacked from the electical, plumbing and gas floor plans? I happen to stay in the smaller unit in the same condo, so I went and saw the drawings/plans in the management office, however they don't know which wall can be hacked and which once cannot. I tried to look for structural plan but they don't have it. Do I need a PE to get this answer? (actually I wouldn't want to pay hundreds of dollars when I'm not even sure I can get that unit). Would a PE be able to advise me by looking at the floor plans or do they need to go and inspect the unit physically? How much would this roughly cost, I know from the forum PE service could cost up to $500, but would this be the same case and cost? Thank you all for the advice. Regards, JS
  6. Never buy curtains or blinds from Art Living at Furniture Mall!! I felt cheated after buying $1200 curtains for my 3 bedrooms apartment. They sweet talk to you at the beginning, but at the end, they changed all the terms and conditions. They forced me to pay FULL PAYMENT upfront without my prior notice by showing me FAKE invoices. They did not deliver the curtains on the date they have promised and made up so much excuses by not delivering.. I am very disappointed with their service. I hope you don't fall into the same trap as I did. Good luck!
  7. One company has quoted me $12 psf for venetian wooden blind (polyester/water proof material) and $5 psf for alumunium material, including installation etc. Anyone knows if this is a reasonable rate? I got this quotation from Arts Living @Furniture Mall. They also charged me for $2100 to make and install the curtains for my 3 rooms apartment.. I got a feeling they have overcharged me.. Please help! Thanks..
  8. Hi, I just did my lighting for my condo, but the result is crappy. They don't install straight and lots of small holes on the ceiling because they didn't cut the holes neatly on the false ceiling and when they were done, they did not patch it. Some of the light's cover were not closed when they left. So I don't have any electrician that I can recommend, but I can tell you one you should avoid. Stephen Home Services at Balestier. Cheers, JS
  9. Hi, I want to install lighting in my new flat and the electrician quoted me 1.5K for the whole flat. Is this a good price? Thanks for your feedback/advice! Description Unit Price Qty $ 1 Door Bell $38.00 1 $38.00 2 Ent 322WH 2X13w $35.00 1 $35.00 3 Dining A26/ 3L SV $260.00 1 $260.00 4 Hall A26/ 5L SV $260.00 1 $260.00 5 Walkway 322WH 2X13w $35.00 1 $35.00 6 Kitchen 322WH 2X18w $38.00 1 $38.00 7 Yard 9001/22w $38.00 1 $38.00 8 Maid Room 9001/22w $38.00 1 $38.00 9 Maid Toilet 322WH 1X13w $28.00 1 $28.00 10 Common Toilet 322WH 2X13w $35.00 2 $70.00 Looping 11 Rm 1&2 1010 SQ 3x40w $98.00 2 $196.00 12 Master Ent K2 Spotlight $95.00 1 $95.00 12 Meter Rm 601 WH 1X10W $20.00 1 $20.00 13 Master Rm 1010 Rect 4x40w $139.00 1 $139.00 14 Master Toilet 322WH 2X18w $38.00 2 $76.00 Looping $15.00 1 $15.00 Installation Fees 18 $193.00 Regards, JS