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  1. Hi All, in my previous 2 flats, i changed my rubbish chute to Maxden's one. Now, i realize i cant find their advert nor their website. anyone happens to know any news about them? Thanks in advance! cheers, Joe
  2. me just tried Lotus at IMM. Am keen on it too... but still hvn't commit. seems to be not dat popular?
  3. mzi

    Professional Engineer Contact

    Sorry, i won't be of much help cos i dun hv contacts for Civil PEs, only Electrical ones. cheers, Joe
  4. mzi

    Professional Engineer Contact

    just curious, but do you really need a PE to approve reno work? cos i thot an LEW (licensed electrical worker) would do. or u mean a Civil PE? regards, joe
  5. mzi

    Air-con Group Buy

    Hi, am keen in the System 3 non-inverter. Would like to get Sanyo, which has 3 ticks. Model: SAP-CM1826S Cheers and thanks!
  6. Hi BBW, can u pm me the contact no or address of the co? Thanks in advance. Cheers!