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  1. hi stray,

    can you please email me you contractor no to me: qsming1981@yahoo.com.sg


  2. Could please email me (csjdraj@googlemail.com) or msg me your contractor contact please.

    Thank you very much

  3. Pls PM your id contact and Lighting shop.


  4. hey bbw, very nice ah. u even invited him to your house warming haha.gd for u that your reno completed already. errmm any1 else using Iz?? do keep us posted. heard from my fren who using Iz to reno her place that Iz quite bz nowdays. ashomec- pm sent.
  5. bbw how's your reno goin on? everything completed?
  6. woww tats a nice kitchen cabinet. u choose your own laminate or u ask Iz to choose for u? haizzz really feel like changing my kitchen laminate now hehe. i like your pillar. looks very nice. lewpoh & ifaith - pm u the contact oredi.
  7. your house look very big wif the open kithcen concept..wats the cost of tearing down the wall separating living and kitchen?? your toilet tiles ok wat. so i assume u doin sumthing like a bar counter at the kitchen entrance?? Iz did suggest to me to tear down the wall to make the place more spacious but no $$$ liaoss lol..btw where's your place??
  8. hi all, just completed my reno wif a contractor recommended by 1 of the forrumer here. glad tat i chose him over the others tat was recommended to me too. pricing wise= quite cheap, service and worksmansip=excellent.willing to go extra miles for me. thought tat he's worth recommending to others.in fact recommended to other forrumer and doin up their place now wif this contractor. C ya
  9. painting done on our own due to budget constrain http://i824.photobucket.com/albums/zz161/s...me/DSCN1857.jpg
  10. hi bbw, so how's your reno goin on? mine completed everything on last sat. solid top install oredi. still dun like the color of my kitchen cabinet. even now my mum regrets chosing tat laminate. should have listen to Iz suggestion instead. sighh wat to do.did ask Iz any way tat we can change the laminate and he told us tat we can always change the laminate if we want but since its very new, he suggested to use it for 1 or 2 years then if still dun like it can change to new 1. dun waste $$$ he said lol. aniwae noting much to post accept for the color of kitchen laminate.can go on and on and on ranting for long time i'm sure haha. overall his service, pricing & worksmansip all i can rate excellent. do update on your reno aite. c ya genielittle & estella83, u've got mail.
  11. living room plastered and l-box. will paint up the place this friday.
  12. glass backing just only install today. waiting for solid top to be install this saturday
  13. kitchen cabinet install. dislike the colours chosen by my mum.haizzz got no say in this