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  1. Apparently true as I have checked with a few contractors and IDs when I was planning for a L shaped kitchen cabinet.
  2. Best to suit your height especially at the hob and hood cooking area. For bottom cabinet, should be of comfortable height when it comes to cooking. You will not want your arms to be swinging in the air and not able to see the food when cooking. Which is why some designs incorporated a higher height at the sink area and lower height at the cooking area. For overhead cabinets, should take into account of the thickness of the hood. I got a slightly thicker slim hood and ended up knocking my head against it.
  3. Hi zero, could you please quote the following? Thanks. 1. 707 alphine instant water heater 2. Turbo t1109ss 3. Turbo slim hood 60cm (cheapest model)
  4. Hi, I am interested in 707 alphine. Need to replace a spoilt heater. Anyone knows how much does it cost? Thanks.
  5. Hi, water is dripping from the sides of my kitchen sink (that is mounted on solid top) into my cabinet. Looks like I need to apply a new line of silicone gel between the solid top and the kitchen sink. Need to ask if the old silicone gel has to be removed and if yes, how? How long does it take for the new silicone gel to set in and dry? Thanks.
  6. hi, does a L-box design on the ceiling consitute to an "overhead beam"? There are many such interior designs whereby the sofa is placed directly under the L-box.
  7. hi, if the shoe cabinet is abt 100m behind the sofa, does it matter that the shoe cabinet exceed the head when one is seated on the sofa? if yes, what are the ways to mitigate? thanks.
  8. just an update, most issues listed were rectified. but only after i voiced out!
  9. in fact, i went to view a few other units which are also under-going renovation. mine was the worse. Anyway, the problems were rectified after we voiced out the untidiness. apparently, if we dun voice out, that was the final 'accepted' state. urgh...
  10. hi, does the painter usually change to a smaller brush when painting at edge of walls? cos mine has many obvious paints which are 'out' of zone.
  11. My contractor is doing a lousy job. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7693 I need to know what are the steps involved (besides painting from top to bottom) so that I will not vomit blood again. As mine is a resale unit that is >10 years old, is there a need to do plastering first? Current walls and ceilings are not even/smooth and there are hairlines, holes to be patched. I suppose afterwhich will be sealer and 2-3 coats of paints? Is it too harsh a requirement if I request for straight paint line at edge of walls? I thought a masking tape will do a great job so that the wall joints and ceiling joints will look neat. Is this a normal request? For main door frame, how to smoothen/even the surface? TIA for all advices.
  12. hi, my contractor is doing a bad job for my painting. i thinking of getting ici professional painters. a query, is plastering of wall and ceiling included? if not, how much do i hv to pay?
  13. urgh! i shd hv changed mine. now it looks so ugly with horrible painting skills.
  14. like to elaborate on the extent of bad painting workmanship by tong hong - 1) cracks, holes on walls are not touched up 2) ceilings in kitchen, kitchen toilet, MBR toilet insufficient plastering 3) painting of main door frame is 'out' of the frame and very uneven coating. shdn't the frame be smoothened before painting? 4) painting between 2 edges of wall not 'straight'. very obvious between 2 walls whereby 1 wall is a dark colour against a light colour. shdn't a masking tape be used? 5) bedroom door frames not painted with sufficient coats of paints. painting is 'out' of door frame too. 6) very badly paintings done on trunkings, pipes. uneven coating. some are like dried drippings of paints, others are just lines of paints due to insufficient paint used. 7) paintings did not cover the whiteboard markers' ink on the wall. 8) painter did not bother to use a smaller brush to paint hard to reach area. there are lots of pockets of unpainted wall! the list is still on-going. already vomit blood.
  15. hi, my lousy experience with lights arcade - http://www.singaporebrides.com/forumboard/...html?1179238229