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  1. 1cancerra does not have 2 bed rooms duay keys.. strictly at least 3 bed rooms up. they merely converted some 3 bedder units to 3 room duay keys unit because the response for 3 bed rooms duay keys seem to be better.. they converted stack 43,14,18, and 28 to 3 bed room duay keys.. I just bought one of the newly converted 3 bed room duay keys on Monday. Btw.. i just went again on Wed.. still got so manyyyyy units of 3 beds room compact left.. 3 room standards also left pretty a lot.
  2. thank u angel..i'll keep a look out.. hee...
  3. Revive this topic... hee... COncourse is currently under renovation and the christmas shops which used to be there have already shifted... ANy ideas where to buy Cheap christmas trees? I'm looking for those that need not running lights..thats is, they have fibre lights or lights already attached to the tree... hmmm....
  4. i've found my gynae.. Dr SIM LN , a private clinic at TMC.. she's good
  5. wau okie.. thanks thanks will make things easier for me that way.. got a set of Move in ritual from my feng shui master.. but he didn't tell me about xie tu lehz.. wat to do about xie tu? or can i just use the same offerings from Move in ritual?
  6. Coz my PIL only mentioned when we have our customary then we are considered Married according to chinese custom. If it's as what you said, Can Move in and An Chuan same date not?
  7. Can Xie Tu and Move in same day a not? Any one can advise?
  8. i know there are similar threats out there.. but i've read through and found the different advices confusing. Hubby and i had already ROM. Our house is undergoing reno now and will be completing in late Jan. OUr customary wedding will be in late Feb. What i dun understand is, do we perform Move in Rituals first? Or An Chuan First? Or do we move in first then An Chuan when it's near our AD? Also our AD falls on the 14th day of CNY period. Our Auspicious date happen to fall on 1st and 2nd day of CNY. Will it be inauspicious if we were to An Chuan/Move in on that date? will crash with CNY a not? Hope to seek some advices here.. thanks
  9. Hi APple Freak, you're using the free citi gas heater right? saw that you're using rain shower set for both bathrooms. ANy problem with the water pressure? wanted to do the same thing, but worried about water pressure.. sigh..
  10. any good female gynae at Mount A for recommendation?
  11. hmm... very pissed off with KK.. anyone had any female gynae to recommend at Mount A?
  12. was hoping to get a female experienced gynae.. heee.. any has got more ?
  13. Any KKH mother/ mother - to - be here? any good gynae to recommend from KKH?
  14. I've consulted my fengshui master, and he said not necessary to do so.. so i guess, i shall leave it that way for now..
  15. They said something like, sofa should have a wall behind .. symbolize having a "Kao Shan"( 靠山).. hmm..