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  1. hello care to share where u bgt yr sofa??nice ncie wor... we like it alot... we have a set of sofa, set for 6months, now we very sianz... cus the fabric is very warm, the longer u sit, the warmer u felt.....
  2. thanks apple freak! yr always so responsive! i thot is somewhere in july haa, yup! oct still a long way! zzzz
  3. pls pm me details as well.. i been trying to TTC as well, each time my breast swell, after a few days AF come! im so sad! TTC for two months ended up with tears and sadness and disappointments each time i see AF.... i hugged my hb telling him, darling my menses is here..... sob sob
  4. $46! thats cheap wor... i was abt to tell u all, HK Fancl selling at $52 lor, also cheaper than here la
  5. cherlyn

    Hong Kong

    hihi.... lantau island got dessert and seafood meh? we went there see the big buddha oni lor... HK shopping area wlb be in Mongkok! bags, shoes, clothes all very cheap! Or go Shan Shui Pu... its like whole sale for clothes. Tkae MTR to this station alight and come out walk will do! v cheap! u walk in ask the shop got sell loose pieces anot, if yes, u go in see. if no then u go to another shop lor, so many shops there!
  6. nvm la we also wana see the bride and groom mah post pls!
  7. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    REMY MARTIN XO 1 LITRE selling at 160 per bottle free delivery to yr doorstep my coll help us buy wrongly
  8. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    thanks all folks...im glad and hapi w all yr support here... my hb and i decided to gv her the 5888 la... haiz what to do... im gifing her $300 allowance per month, can i reduce my allowance for her? its seems so much for me.... haiz..... no la, im not a mummy ger, and i will never be one im quite strong and independent de... never cling or ask her for any help since i was 16 till now.... TPY! i like yr idea **** good! keke i like lor.... ya gv her small notes let her count till siao rite..... hahahha !! gooded! any one interested in hard liquor? i need to sell off urgently. ask my coll help us buy but buy wrongly as in bought the most ex de... alr we so poor and struggling liao lor... where got $ gv so ex liquor to my mum?? its for GDL de the hard liquor, we selling off these, gettting a cheaper one any one of yr frens colls etc can help us? thanks alot alot
  9. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    ya cus she angry mah sae i raise up u so big, that litle dowry wun satisfy. i wan big $$. and i say, mind u, yr marrying daughter and not selling. she sae, nvm what it is, just gv me the $... aiyo luckily i moved out of her hse liao! but what if there r sm ppl who gv her those APs then we bo bian cannot take and ask from her right? i was telling my hb, on GDL dun gv 5888, anyhw gv a figure will do.. my hb sae given her character, sure flare up on the spot that day and will make thgs diff for us and who knows, my 1 March, wedding day, she is going to do me in.. she threatened us mah.. so we quite scare of her threats la... thanks for yr advice. now im v v firm tt if gt ppl gv us APs, we will take w.o any hesitation!
  10. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    the problem is we dun hav much time le she sae 5888 is final. haiz... still alot lo rite? she asked me go die she made very nasty remarks to my hb also alr said and mention cannot! haiz i mean if frens and relatives turn up on GSL and AD, they gv angbows..those angbows
  11. Air, i agree w u ley. cus my weekend is very precious de wor... cannot be sick! hahah.. eh but sick v xinku ley can oni eat medicine sleep eat and sleep haha very sian and sad ley so we all jiayu dun be sick cus now cny cuming sick liao all those u all mention hor cannot eat la
  12. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    thanks everybody! you all r so kind and helpful well, i mite be wrong, sometimes i cant help but tiking even colelagues or u know ppl who i do not know can be such caring and understanding why not my own biological problems? u know, when i told a senior aunti abt my prob, the first ques she asked, is she yr real own mother? haha! then for some moment i even wana to do blood test and DNA u know! i told my dad, am i yr own daughter? why treat me this way? anywae, my dad cant help. he everythg sae, listen to mum la. let her be la. give it to her lor. shes yr mum no matter good or bad. wah lao...so i never trouble my dad for help liao.... well now got new 'progress'... she wanted:- 5888 - dowry 30 boxes of cakes 30pax each for GDL and AL for buffet all APs she will take except JING CHA de APs we take (ask u all ar, if gt ppl gv us personally the APs, can we take and dun give her? pls advise?) 10KG roast meat and 10KG roast pig leg (this is gona be ex, i reckon will even be more ex than a pig!) esp during cny perios, vendors sure increase price. and some hokkien bixs fyi, im a hokkien bride and my hb a cantonese groom however, my in laws v jing cai, they do not need or wan anythg, they let my hb decide my hb still tik 5888 alot and esp the leg and meat... what u all tik?? my mum sae she wun return us the 5888 a single cent now, we still deciding to go tru this whole **** thg anot?? we haven order anythg yet lor
  13. i agree ley. u complain to CASE also no use, cus first of all u need to pay a member fee in order to complain? weird rite? pay member fee no guarantee they really going to fight for u or whatsoever. so $ pay liao duno for what. i suggest call reporters and report it in newspaper more effective rite. can complain to ST Forum as well.
  14. cherlyn

    Ping Li

    elope to where?? we no dinner le. its the dowry tt we cant afford. actually this so call AD, we wan evthg to be under $10K that includes our bridal package, all the necessaries like praying stuff, an chuan stuff, APs for that day, GDL items etc, PG... but 8888 simply too high la duno quarrel w her how many times liao lor we dun wana go tru this hor, she dun wana acknowledge my hb ley my hb very sad lor