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    Me too... just got it delivered.. only using it after this week when I move in...
  2. I'm staying around the new flats next 2 cheng san cc and I got a flyer recently that someone is willing to pay about $400k for a 4 room and $530k for 5 room at my block. Quite crazy.
  3. Hi, I oso got my R81 recently. Got it @$2999 (along with the freebies) and extended warranty of another 2 yrs from BEST. Din check for dead pixels (how to check?) but there is noticeable waves and on all channels. Din get the HD box though. What u can is to lower the contrast and sharpness. It helps for my case.
  4. Thz guys for sharing. Yup, muz say that the specs is dependent on the manufacturer. Guess mus reali see how before making an decision... muz say that the price of sharp's 42" is reali tempting when compared to R81's 40".
  5. thanks guys... !! i'm oso quite impressed by the design of samsung. however, my concern is just that i don't wana buy a lemon and it breaks down after a couple of years. another surprising thing is that the price of sharp is alot cheaper than samsung even after taking into account the free gifts. any people out there holding onto sharp or samsung got comments
  6. I oso have the same issue with air whereby my full length window faces the opposite block... worse still, the opposite block is only half length window. so i had the day curtains and the normal curtains fixed... u can osos help to give a "mood" to ur room.. I oso did my curtains together for the rest of my rooms so can't give u a exact cost...
  7. Hi, I got my contractor to build my study table.. but the effect isn't that fantastic and not to mention it is more expensive
  8. sorry. did not take notice of it but i can only remember it is along the row of shophouses opposite the sportslink building. it is either next to or a couple of units away from a VCD shop call laser fair.
  9. Thz What is the difference between PX and BX? Wana have one in the living room.
  10. Yup. I think there is one in Alexandra Village and another in Tampines. Prices quite cheap and heard quite good feedback bout them though I muz caveat that I've not bought anything from them.
  11. Hi Guys, Would like to seek advice on whether the Sharp PX Series is better or Samsung R81 Series is better? Looking at either at the 37" or 42" for Sharp and 37" and 40" for Samsung.
  12. Anyone can help in this?
  13. I was quoted $3080 for a 40". Also checked with them about the samsung promo and apparently it is still ongoing although the last claim date is suppose to be 15 may...
  14. heard bout them before. will try to ask for the price. thz for informing.