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  1. Once a gugu forever a gugu....
  2. So how does it feel like a gugu ?
  3. Since don't like to be birdy, ah lian friend, why still fly to wrong saloon and cut a "gugu: hair style in li NanXing and ah beng hair stylist's shop
  4. Since so anti and against it why still join in to the petition and requesting for something yourself knows it is impossible? Slapping your own face.
  5. A bunches of silly list. Have anyone ever workout the run and maintaince cost for the so call waz access card system? How many residences do u have in blk 79? Cao Cao 800 Plus units. If each family core has 4 members, 3200 cards needed to be maintaince. Each card cost $5, $16,000 one time sunk cost. Who to pay? the 25 on the list? Not to mentioned how many lifts, and the replacement, vandalism within the blocks.... tun and maintaince Really silly, still harbouring more petition. No senses.
  6. Anyone here didn't pledge on the day? or before ? Or against it? I did it at 8.22 pm, maybe we can do the same like wise on the 22nd of August! "We, the citizen of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people. Regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society. Base on justice and equality so as to achieve prosperity and progress for our nation."
  7. I see a opposition team among the people. Alway opposite and oppose.... working party welcome my friend. Anymore to contribute from you to my comments
  8. Dear Resident, I hereby declared your petition has Failed. With only 25 individual of anonymous identity, less than 3 % of the total polulation 800 House hold,. Thus you may longer need to waste money, time, sending MMS and not to repeat the mistake again. Do note, a forum is a space for voicing not for petition. Thank you
  9. All silly birds and dogs Wak kkaa kkaaaa
  10. I hate to be a de-motivator but when I click on this, blk 79 have to wait till 2012 or later. Maybe the one in the list can start another petition for this again. Tah ku GU Meow can have some more excuse to waste money, quick quick send mms
  11. Can as long one day, each of us still chating, bitching, barking at each other. Anyway...
  12. Why not? Join in to a list of dying band wagon. If you want to can also waste monet send many MMS, poster, harassing others and spam their phone just like ah long did.
  13. your wish list is dying.... .
  14. Welcome to the forum, we starts to speak in rythm....
  15. Dying lah, still want to tahan, still want to join?