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  1. Hi, Anyone using Miele washer WKB120 model?
  2. I need Uncle Johnny contact too...any kind soul can text me @98718187. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, Looking to replace my current toilet sink & tap...anyone has any suggestion for a shop? Coz I know most shops sell only and do not have installation services. Looking for a reasonable shop to purchase this & install. Thanks.
  4. Ben, Do you have a specific model for the dlink router?
  5. Ben, Thanks alot for the detailed info. Now I know that I should buy a T base router and just plug my cat5e cables.. Bingo.
  6. Ben, Do you mean I should buy a additional switchbox and connect it to the supplied router or buy a new router ? I know nothing about fibre installation and what is a ONT?
  7. Thanks Ben...I thought they will also supply the wireless router when I sign up. Do u mean it's no good? My house had already wired up 2 LAN points with faceplate on cat5E...one is for mio box and the other in my room. I hope I can use back these ports as its a hassle to rewired again. I would not prefer wireless in my room as there are walls blocking my router position.
  8. Hi, I am going to sign up Singtel's fibre broadband soon. My house is currently wired up using cat5e cable, can this still be use after the fibre has been installed? Don't really like wireless as I need stable signals for stuff like my streamer box for watching movies. Please advise.
  9. Hi, I bought the hitachi fridge and is a good choice. Energy efficient and I like the tall and slim design as I am having constraint on the size too. quote name='firegoddess' timestamp='1321843200' post='681352'] Minimal usage Gas Burner so get a single Bosch or De Dietrich? Or Tepanyaki or Grill? Medium usage Hood but prefer powerful one so Bosch DKE9465MUC or DeDietrich DHD90XE1? Will also install extractor fan at kitchen window, any recommendation? Requires large volume but got small HDB kitchen so Hitachi Fridge RA6200S (largest capacity with shortest width but taller so save space for more counter space). Any other recommendations? Comes with fantastic features: http://www.hitachiconsumer.com/intelligent-fridge/features.html
  10. I was quoted $180 including labour to repair one glass door...changing a pair of new hinges. Is this too ex?