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  1. Hi guys! I'm moving in to a resale condo soon. The balcony is facing a main road with busy traffic/ Wondering if any one has any noise reduction idea to share for balcony? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi bros and sis, Anyone can recommend me some shops to get nice leather sofas? Been looking ard but cant find the ideal sofa for my flat
  3. Hi guys, Just got my new flat, possible to PM the contact of the painter to me?
  4. hi hi, so did you consider connectix? I've spoken to their ID, Kim. Their quotes seem quite reasonable. Looking for reviews/feedbacks on their services
  5. Hi guys, Have anyone engaged or heard of Connectix Interior Design? Any reviews on them?
  6. Hey guys, Been looking high and low for an ID. Have anyone heard of Connectix Interior Design? Any reviews on them to share share? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, Possible to PM his contact to me?
  8. Hi hi, i love your house design, super nice!! Can i have your contractor contacts and if possible, let me have your quotes as i just got my keys and on a tight budget
  9. i have been to their office. I did not considered them as their staffs are not responsive and also kept losing my contact emails
  10. hey on the road, i was told is per foot run. Hi Perthy, abit expt imo
  11. Hey guys, I called them liao. I was quoted from $80 psf. They usually work with ID, so if you are engaging an ID, the ID will liaise with them and quote you a price. If you are working with a contractor like me, abit of headache. Need to get your contractor to talk to them, if cannot they will provide their guys to do the work, so prices will be quoted differently.
  12. I'm gg JB to search, my friend got from there at half the price
  13. Hi peeps, Same here, also clueless about mattress. To me, all feel the same leh except the $$ is diff Any recommendation for big-sized couples?
  14. Hi Peeps, I'm also looking for hob and hood. i'm looking at Rinnai RB2CG and for hood, Fujioh, FX-900. Any reviews?
  15. Hey peeps, got a quote from my contractor. 15ft cabinet + 4 ft island top, ard 2k++. I will do some research on this material and will let you guys know here