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  1. Hi wishie Your house looks great! Your inbox is full. Could you PM me your contractor details and quotations breakdown cost if possible. Thanks!
  2. Hi sforhor, Don't mind, can PM me your ID quotations and LED contacts? Thanks!
  3. Hi does anyone have the Malaysian contact for craftstone or manage to get it from jaykr? With the extremely SGD to RM exchange rate, it could be well worth it.In addition, 1. What's the cost for 12 feet of craftstone (from Malaysia)? 2. Does it contain tinge of red like the usual craftstone walls found locally or is it just purely white throughout. Thanks
  4. Hi plainsharon, I had recently approached Mr. K to ask for quotes. The process with him is very breif and straight to the point. He didn't share design ideas during the 1st meetup, and being contractor I guess he does not produce 3D drawings so I am very amazed your flat is so beautiful. 1. How was the process in working with him like? Did you had to come up with your own designs or draw it out for him to see? 2. Or did he come up with the design for your flat? 3. Did he do anything for free for you guys as the reno progressed?
  5. Hi plainsharon, I liked your living room brick wall very much. Mine's a 4 room as well so measurements are about the same. How much does it cost to do up each panel of brick wall like yours? Thanks
  6. Hi Lookaround, Why don't you share the ID's contacts here. We can help you share it around when you're busy. And could you share your ID contact with me together with his quotation breakdown if it's not too much of a hassle. Thanks
  7. HI, Can you quote for Starmex System 2 (1 x 18BTU and 1 x 9BTU) and System 1 (9BTU) 1) G22 Copper piping 2) Armaflex 1/2" insulator 3) 16mm drainage pipe 4) 3 years of workmanship 5) 5 years warranty Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I understand it maybe difficult but I'm hoping to look for seamstress who can help to sew up some curtains at home. We bought the cloth and auntie was going to help to sew it but had fallen sick and not in the best of condition to continue the project. Am looking for seamstress who can sew the curtains using the cloth we already bought. Anyone has any contacts on that? Thanks!
  9. BEWARE of one of the 'designer' from Premplas Interior.

    His name is Kaz Johan or real name, Kasman.

    He had duped a few people - paid upfront monies & then he disappeared. The case was featured in Berita Hariana couple of months ago.

    If you receive a call from Kaz Johan or Kasman 8185 5058, please take note & beware.

    He will quote u a l...

  10. Hi zhiz, Saw your home and was quite impressed. Can I have your ID's contact details, Jessie? Thanks!
  11. Hi pinkwhale, I read your T-blog andyour contractor must be really good. Can you PM the contractor contacts and how much you spent on the reno? Thanks!
  12. Hi sir-dc, In your view, is it more cost effective to have a drafter then find ID firms to do reno compared to ID firm doing both the design and reno work?