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  1. Hi Paloma, Can you PM me your K contact. May need him to help me build the brick wall. Thanks in advance. Cheeseburger
  2. Hi Paloma, Nope I got something else from whitewoods (park mall) 1.6m x 0.9 m table. Just been to site (fellow breezer as well), worry the table might cramp up the whole living walk way...headache. Nice table by the way.
  3. Hi Paloma, What is the dimension of your dinning table? 1.6m by 09.m? 1.8m? Doing my reno now...worry that my table cant fit in properly...
  4. Hi Guys, Need help on the track lightings. Am going to have track lights for the whole living room. Any idea how many spot lights fixtures I would need to light up the whole living area? Also looking for a cool track lights fixture w/o the huge driver at the side? Any 1 know where to get it? thanks. Cheeze.
  5. Hi Guys, Not sure if there is a topic for this. Seen many LED topics. But I wont have false ceiling...any recommendation where to get lighting fixtures? Thanks.
  6. Hi Could you recommend me a black ceiling fan (no lights) w 3 blades type? Not really sure which brand have it (other than haiku). Something like those in the cafe. Also can you quote for Amasco (Green Fans) - 52 DCG-8/2B, if you have it? Also can you quote for Haiku composite black (low profile) and standard. BTW can I use standard if my ceiling is 2.6m no false ceiling will be installed. Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys, I think its possible to try google sketchup and do a DIY 3D impression. Of cos certain amount of playing time is required before you can produce the 3D impression.
  8. Hi Anyone tried putting a signage in their home? Something like a starbucks or macdonald's sign but a self design signage to have the personal touch. Any1?
  9. HI Guys, Any recommendation for Teak Table top w Stainless Steel Legs?? Tried Scanteak but they dont have it seems
  10. Hi any1 has any good kitchen cabinet companies to recommend? Ie. in terms of materials and design concepts.
  11. Hi There!

    I'm an independent interior designer able to do 3d drawings.

    May I know what what's ur enquiries?

    Can check on my profile www(dot)irasophia(dot)com

    Thank you



  12. Hi musicbox, Would like to know how do you hide the wiring/cables when you mount it on the wall like that? Thanks
  13. Hi Any1 knows how much it cost for ID to produce the 3D impression of the design? Does contractor provide such a service?
  14. Hi Structural wall are all in bold. They cannot be hacked. That 1 you highlighted should be hackable since it is not in bold.
  15. Hi Have any1 tried mounting flat screen TV onto wall directly w/o false wall? Possible to hide the wiring this way?