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  1. Hi Wishie,

    Do you mind share the name and contact of your contractor who did your 5 Rm HDB BTO?

  2. Hi Kakikaki, Can pm me your email? I think the quote is for full ht, not sure the price for mid ht.
  3. It's 6ft for my study table. I'll say it's a little squeeze for 2 desktop, considering we need space for speakers too.. but if space is an issue, i think 6ft is alright. We bought this to put our monitors to save some space while not using the keyboards. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/U-BOARD-BASIC-SMART-KEYBOARD-TEMPERED/418728278 Sent!
  4. Thanks, I've send u the contractor details, for the quotes, can you give me your email add? Hi vuzu, your message box is full, can't pm u.. Sent! Sent!
  5. I did have top cabinet, just not on both sides. Reason for the cabinet not being above the stove like what normally people did is because of the "beam" on top. We feel that it's a waste of space. Though we understand some find it ugly hence want to built cabinet to cover up. Other side of kitchen with cabinet. Dish tray from ikea. As for the shoe cabinet, i remember he said 1ft $220 and in the quote he state $880. I measure yesterday, it's 5ft. I guess he give me 1ft for free Sent. Sent. It's our ideas and he will advise us if it's doable. As we already know what we want, example my masterbedroom arrangement ect, most ids I went just follow what i told them without special inputs. So I guess with our budget there's not much creative things they can do, hence we find contractor to save cost. No point getting a id if no design is needed.
  6. Here's some photos of the masterbedroom. Currently using a super single bed, changing to queen size soon. With queen size will still have some empty space at the sides. I think can fit king size but will take up the whole space Lucky the table managed to sit 2 person, and accommodate 2 desktop
  7. Sent! I'm sorry, it's been awhile and i've forgotten the paint number and there's no left over so I can't reference back. I only know it's from nippon odourless series.
  8. So far so good, the wind is quite strong, we usually switch to low or med only. Living room 1 is bigger.. forgot whats the size, 3 led lights - $450 Bedrooms 1 led light - $290 Installation $40 each. Haha thanks, we had a good laugh as well. I really like the door, no regrets installing this Sent!
  9. Dining bench, table, chairs, sofa and coffee table all from star living. Bench cost $188.00 i think. Quite good, so far no complaint. PM sent!