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  1. U can contact him at: Kevin 9022 2321 https://www.facebook.com/pages/H2O-Interior-Renovation/536321743070166
  2. hello, he has a few other projects going on in other t-blogs currently. Kevin 9022 2321 my total works came up to 40k..you can check out the links below.
  3. haha yea, we got it cuz it's cheap (very broke then) and fitted our theme..plus can wash.. it's fast after tiling if carpentry is lined up right after..usually takes about 2 weeks to finish up..but i guess the queue is at the carpentry side now (bottle-neck)..i was quite happy with the carpentry though (i have comparisons =/).. don't worry! once the carpentry is up, other things can be finished up within days..the other touch-ups and stuff can be slowly done after u move in de..
  4. i love grafunkt too, but it's really too expensive..ay the sofa from star living was also 990 more than a year ago don't worry, if Mr K says he will do it, he will.. once carpentry is up ready other things could be done very quickly..
  5. very nicely put together! =) i love the dining area..we also got our mirror from ikea initially to save some money, but it started warping after a few months..had Mr K to customize another one after one year..
  6. good luck then..i wouldn't dare to take the risk for such an item though..
  7. no lei..it seems to be quite securely attached..
  8. the 4 cushion covers are removable to wash..we have since washed it once..the outer cover can't be washed so we only wipe it with a cloth, but admittedly not often at all. i wouldn't recommend getting it from Taobao though..the risk is too high for something too expensive..moreover, the shipping fee would cost you easily a few hundred, plus daigou's 5-7% agent fee would make savings insignificant.. just for a gauge, the 2 acrylic eames dining chair I got cost about $200 for shipping alone even when the legs are not fixed yet i.e. smaller box..the papa bear chair should be impossible to dismantle..moreover, quality might be an issue..the legs in this picture is not as 'pencil' as it should be and the comfort while sitting on the chair varies by different replica too..color wise may turn out different too, as i got a similar color customized cushion for my bay window but the color turned out to be a lot more dull.. if you still want to get it (or if anyone wants to buy stuff from Taobao), choose the sellers with 'diamonds' or 'crowns'..the crowns are the highest quality sellers based on reviews accumulated..first level should be stars..
  9. the sideboard was from Commune at Millennia Walk, same series as the dining table..
  10. cool it people..signature is not available on mobile.. ;P i love the bed btw!
  11. it should be the 32cm one.. there's no specific name i suppose..they're aluminum bi-fold lovure doors..bigbull has the same but made of wood and painted white..i actually prefer the wooden one! the quality (of sewing) is good, but material wise it's mixed..i liked the sheer white one and the polka dots green one, but the dark one did not turned out like we expected and was slightly sheer with glitters! we end up changing all our curtains to tracks as we did up the bay window and wanted the curtains moved nearer to the windows for more space.. anyway, i've quite a few white ikea curtain rods and wouldn't mind giving it away for free if anyone wants them! They're white metal and extendable.. will try to get back the link of the curtains and get back..
  12. i think the quote sounds about right.. oh by the way..you can choose the distance between the gaps of the bricks..it can make a big difference to the feel of the wall..i personally asked for bigger spacing..i've seen some with very narrow spacing which i didn't like.. thanks and good luck!! it'll all be worth it..
  13. u mean the greenish chair with buttons? it's a replica and known as a papa bear chair..i got it from Lorgan's..can't really remember the exact price, but it was around 1.8k.. thanks.. the craft stones are very common these days, hafary (this huge chain store selling tiles) has them.. we started with visiting those home & deco fairs where there will be lots of IDs..most of which are expensive and out of 10 you talk to, perhaps half will follow-up..you can skip this step if you do not want to waste the time, although meeting more and getting more quotes does help you to have more ideas and have a better gauge of prices and norms..then I approached the contractors/IDs that other renotalk people used and had good comments for quotes.. i would say, whoever you choose, always do your due diligence - do a simple and quick google search about the company/boss name and read reviews or comments from other customers..best if they allow you to meet or talk to their other customers and you can judge from there..follow your heart and be wary of freebies and sales talk.. good luck!
  14. Hello.. thanks.. I think realistically, it's not possible to have homes that look like showrooms..not when both of us are working! Some pictures of my corridor: we painted the bomb shelter door with chalkboard paint and it's filled with magnets from where we've visited..the other wall is filled with puzzles and some frames on a ledge from ikea..
  15. hey mine isn't wood, it's homogeneous tiles at $2.60psf..the whole house with laying probably cost easily 8k for 5-room..overlay may be an option.. i wanted a wood-flooring look but ruled out wood as I've a dog at home and eventually kids with rollers will destroy the flooring..there's vinyl but it's made of plastic and there's some research saying that it releases poisonous fumes and is bad for kids..vinyl is joined by a click-system joining the pieces together, so water may seep below and cause mold..laminates can create a wood flooring look too but it's hollow and not as durable though cheap.. do find some time to read up on the pros and cons of the different options before deciding! it's from Commune from Millennia walk!