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  1. sorry for being MIA...hehee busy with the house & its not helping that my husband keeps on buying toys will post our current look after staying in for a while soon, thou hvnt purchased curtains & blinds yet... so far so good & will highly recommend Mr.K...definitely no regrets for those who cnt see d signature, Mr. K no. is 90222321 but apparently he is overseas
  2. Thank you! will pester my hubby to go vivo to get one... hehehe but i love ur house...so much space...mine so small... now in d midst of putting things together...cannot wait for ur smeg fridge... my bosch fridge the freezer soooo tiny, just like my house...heheeh next fridge, aiming for bigger one... hehehe
  3. Hi all, For the benefit of those new to my reno-blog, aite~ My contractor, the 'elusive' Mr K's details is listed as part of my signature ... but for those interested in my quotation, all I'm comfortable to say is my reno cost around $30,000+, EXCLUDING lights, furniture & accessories =). Partly because I believe different type of materials do affect the quote, so it really depend on what you want. Plus it won't be fair to Mr K on the price comparison if I were to break it down. Very very sorry~ The Hidden Bed cost around $5,000+, for the hidden-bed and the whole wardrobe for that particular room, all done by Leda Holding Pte Ltd... but if you are interested in the hidden queen size bed only, it will be less. You may contact them direct at 67450880, or Irene @ 94244978 for more details. No point quoting my name as I am not related to the company! So hope it helps, and hope you understand my restrains, just remember the 'Quality-Quantity-Cost' triangle~ And with that, I'll say goodnight for now as I lay down in my "Too Fast, Too Tiny, But Ooh Soo Cosy" Master Bedroom!
  4. hi huiying, i got mine fron Candy Paint Asia... they have fb page also http://www.facebook.com/CandyPaintAsia
  5. On a side note... I was pretty impressed with the Black&Decker steam mop. The microfiber cloth from the steam mop was black from mopping even after my wife and i hand wiped the floor 3 times. I chose the black & decker over shark as of course, it's from black & decker, and its not as expensive as the shark. Floor feels smooth after steam mopping, and I get a kick out from the whole process, knowing that the steam will break down stubborn stains. Would recommend this to clean freaks like me. hi macuser77, where you got this steam mop from...my husband also wanted the shark,..but seeing ur review...i told him to get this one instead...
  6. hi huiying, yup, the hidden bed does include the top shelves, dressing area at one end and wardrobes at the other end as I basically requested for a full wardrobe area... mine cost around $5K in total for all but I got free matress and pillows as I ordered during their expo sale... if you would like the bed only, its slightly less than $3K... they can customise according to your needs...you can call them for more information =)
  7. nice! love ur brickwall...hehehe Mr K is fast right...heheh as usual =)
  8. hi greglhc, i just bought the chalkboard paint and my contractor helped to paint the storeroom and the cable box doors for me... so, I don't really know the process involved =)
  9. hi harocarlos, my reno cost about $30+K...most of my stuffs are from IKEA itself... budget =)
  10. Hi Rubi, there isn't any window at my wardrobe area. Thus, there isnt any need for me to hide the window... I have already shared the pictures of my wardrobe and for the door, you can refer to my earlier post for the picture of the door with the mirror =)
  11. hi jadyling, my hidden bed i got from http://www.hiddenbed.sg/ you can contact irene @94244978 for more info. She is very helpful.. as for Mr K, maybe you can just find him for quotes but I heard he is rather bz now but no harm trying...
  12. so that's all folks for my simple reno with basic colours... since I am officially moving in end of the year...this house is more like a "weekend chalet" for the two of us really would like to thank Kevin from H2O Interior Renovation for all his help, advice, nags and many more... a BIG pleasure to work with him and if I ever move house again...I will definitely engage him again... for a first timer like me & hubby, not knowing anything about renovations and hearing lots of negative things relating to reno... our reno was indeed a breeze...fast...really fast...and best of all, cater to both of our taste which actually clashed... That's y i can double confirm that FOR SURE, I will engage him again! Love to irritate him most =) and also to Hiddenbed company for making our "dream" guest room come true! never thought we would have such bed in our house and that room is like the focal point of our house...the talk of the town whenever guests come over... they all thought it would be heavy but when they see me doing it...they are convinced that it is NOT... if tiny me can do it...they definitely can...heheh my husband & me are definitely getting hiddenbed if we ever move again...heheh double confirm again! so, now we are left with familirising ourselves with the switches in the house and also decorations as not much of decorations is done yet to the house... time to go online and shop for decoration... enjoy the pictures everyone =)
  13. last but not least definitely...since we haven't finish with decorations... the hiddenbed area...for the guest room, we engage hiddenbed as mentioned before in my earlier post... the outcome was FANTASTIC! really LURVE the fact that guests thought the room was actually a wardrobe area for me again... I choose similar colour scheme to my house so that it would have a wholesome look to the house... the wall was green and pardon the bedsheet cos it was the only one that my mum could provide for me in a short period of time... apparently...it is also green in colour...so matching lah...told you that my mum's fav colour is GREEN... so the view with the bed hidden within... and with the queen-size bed out in full view...the pillows can be placed on the bed itself and they won't be smashed but they aren't there as I have not buy the pillow protector yet...so later maybe off to IKEA...heheh becoming a routine for us... the hiddenbed team assembled the whole "wardrobe" area along with the bed in just 1 day...but they will need about a month to do the carpentary... the side nearer to the window is the "dressing table" area with mirror attached within the area...the top shelves are all ready for more storage...apparently I am using them for my sylvanian families...since my husband didnt leave me any space in the game room... the other side (beside the bed area) is the wardrobe...fully functionally with hanging area...and drawers... which I ended up using for myself...hehehe nice right...heheh so this room is officially "ready" for guests to come for their sleepover =)