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  1. Hi Songz, We haven't got around buying any office chairs yet. So we are just using our dining chairs in the mean time.
  2. Nope i did my renovation all at once. What I meant regarding my study room, was that it was just an empty room after the renovation, and that I haven't purchased any study tables or cardboards back then. Now it is sorta done up; just gotta get nice office chairs
  3. Yes my electrical socket is in the TV console itself.. There is only 1 lighting point in the kitchen. I don't know if this makes sense but I think my contractor hack a bit of the wall to lay the wiring, then putty it. Need to double check with the husband again. haha..
  4. Hi, it it inclusive of the bedrooms. Pictures of bedroom are posted here. There is another room that I didn't take pictures of because the room is currently bare, so no point. Yes!
  5. Hi guys, My apologies but I won't be sharing my renovation quotation or breakdown online. What I can share is the total renovation cost, which amounts to about $38K. Your understanding is much appreciated.
  6. Master Bedroom Toilet: (Oops! Bathroom Mat not straight. #IamalittleOCD) Master Bedroom: Wardrobe Room:
  7. Heh more pictures of our cosy home with my fisheye lens. The last thing left to do is the Study Room.. but ahh.. we procrastinate View of kitchen from kitchen entrance: Kitchen (Stove & Sink side): Kitchen (Other side): Common Toilet:
  8. Hi Marcel, The quality is ok (in my opinion); albeit a bit malleable. I bought the 12" one.. But in retrospect, I should have bought the 14". Then again, it all depends on the size of your kitchen Here's a picture of my kitchen lights at night:
  9. Finally after much waiting, our dining table arrived today!
  10. Thank you! Haha ok will take later when I am back! It's Citrus CSI-094 from this website: http://www.craftstone.com.sg/product/old-used-bricks Hehe thanks! Yes the side finishes of the kitchen cabinets are concrete looking laminates Was quite worried when I first chose the concrete laminates and wood laminates for the kitchen cos I'm afraid it wouldn't match. Didn't help when I don't have any drawings or illustrations before I thought of all the colors. Thank God everything turned out fine!