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  1. Hi, please share your painter contact. thanks in advance!

  2. i paid $950 for my 4room with nippon easy wash. Price should be around der bah... They helped me to paint my external wall for free cos the HDB paint was starting to peel off. Jus 1 wall nia next to my doorgrille...
  3. Woot woot .... the house painting is completed!!! My whole house looks so new. Good workmanship if i may say so and I'm quite happy with the whole affair. Anybody wanna see peektures? hahahah......... Many thanks to bro jackster....
  4. Thank you bro jackster. Already got a quote from them. $950 with Nippon easy wash. 4 colours. Will be signing the undertaking tonight. For the rest who gave me quotes in my inbox, thank you so much too.
  5. wah... got a few quotes in my inbox... Thanks to all those who PMed me.
  6. Any El-cheapo Painting services to recommend? Just basic painting to my 4rm unit. Just moved in and the current painting is horrible. I got a quote from a painting company for 1300 to paint my house with 3 colors. Its a little bit ex for me. My budget is less than 1k. Anyone has done their house for that amount? Can recommend? Any reviews?
  7. Thanks all for the replies. Got some PMs regarding the work from some people. Will go check that out first. Apparently the paint on the ceiling and wall started smearing and cracking too due to water. Anyone has any contacts to paint kitchen walls and ceiling? Any el-cheapo one will do...... i'll probably need them to do my house painting too. sianz... juz move in got so many problem...
  8. Hi All, My downstairs neighbor came up and said that their ceiling is dripping water just under my toilet. Considering that our block is old, we both agreed to split the costs equally. So I assume that I have to change my whole toilet floor? Hack + waterproofing? Any recomendations? Anyone has done it before? Any rough quote for these kinda works?