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  1. Hi, I was shocked too since my sliding windows and grills all have latches and require keys to open it. What he did was to push and lift up the windows (while still locked) and it is able to disengage from the latch. I asked him to try the grills too, and he did all this within 5-6 secs. I knew immediately this is a problem. The main problem is that, there is some room for movement in the windows and grills. The lock bolts the window panels together securely, and it cannot be lifted up anymore. I use rivets, and it is extremely secure.
  2. I got the locks from Changi Complex as stated in this thread. Map There is only one hardware store there. You can't miss it. It is on the ground floor. One of the shop houses. How many locks you need varies. If your windows are the standard 3 panels, each joint of the windows, you will need 1 lock.
  3. Sorry for digging up this old thread. But I think this is relevant. Was approached by a door-to-door sales person, and demonstrated how easily he can slide open my newly installed sliding windows and sliding window grills even though they are locked! What a horror it was to me, but he wanted $50 per lock. He was also seriously pressing for a quick sale and said must do it today kind of thing. I brushed him off, and thanks to this thread, I managed to find the locks at $4.00 per lock. Intstalled them myself. You will need some tools to install it. Such as a powered drill, and a rivet gun if you are using rivets.
  4. did not end up using the storage. ya they fix back the bed frame,etc. but connect back tv, u gotta do it urslef. anyway, pmed u already.
  5. Just completed my move today. The supervisor turned up with 5 men at 9am, along with some packing materials. Packed all my fragile items including LCD TV and my glass cabinets, and moved out by 12pm. All done by 2pm. All in all, no issues and a good experience.
  6. thank you. I have contacted the town council.
  7. Dear all, I am in need of help here. I need to touch up and paint my HDB external walls. It is quite bad condition and looks dirty. Mine is a corridor unit. It is kind of a beige colour. Any idea where I can get the colour code for it or must I colour match myself?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Got one already at $1k.
  9. Kindly advise where to get HDB fire rated doors below $1k? thank you.
  10. I have. Price is okay. They used all Blanga workers. 6-7 of them came at one shot. But some of my items damaged in the move. Not much protection in the transport of fragile items. I found a better one now.
  11. is your unit the 1130 sq ft one?
  12. Thanks for the contact. I already called them for a quote. The service is not bad. They have air conditioned storage facilities and insurance as a package, which suits me well. Pricing wise is mid range. They are not the most expensive, and not the cheapest.
  13. Any good service movers to recommend who have storage facilities?