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  1. Finally everything is falling in place ... today was delivery day... 1stly, the dining table came. I was anxious that it might come scratch or having faults... however, I was impressed at the professionalism & how well the table was protected. The tables was warpped thickly in clear warp it type plastic ... the top even was covered in cardboard while the chairs was also warpped in the same manner. The 2 careful workers steadily and carefully shifted the items into my house. Next came the fridge, handled by Samsung. They (3 Malays bro) too were very responsible and careful... unpacked the cupboards and skilfully moved the fridge. Although the fridge looked heavy but they make it look easy .... At the same time ... Ban Kim Chuan delivery also came with my TV & washing machine. They comprises of a chinese uncle and an indian national. The uncle seem unfriendly. However between the two, it seems that the indian bro was the senior. I witnessed the Indian bro telling off the uncle not to smoke while working ... anyway they also chop x moved the washing machine. After which the Indian bro installed my tv. Lastly was the delivery of my matteress ... they lug the heavy matteress chop x also. However they forgotten to bring along one of the sumberland pillow. Promised to bring again on Monday..... Ah Soon guys also came finish off the rectifications works and changed the lock sets. Now is the begining of the tiring process of cleaning up
  2. Rectifications works were carry out till abt 7pm last night. 1st time meeting a Mr Tan with curly hair. Built in 1.6m with curly hair. Had a good talk with him while the bangla was working. He also help identified which works need to rectified. Also commended that the rectifications are a muz and not acceptable As the tiles were relayed in the toilets, Toilets rectification will continue today. Hope they do it right. We are looking at the symbolic move in next Monday.
  3. Uncle Ah Soon very nice ... m sure he will facilitate ... some more I m considered yr reference Speaking of which ... I think need help Ah Soon find at least a piece of floor tile of my living room. Coz the worker dunno why remove a small portion of the kerb tiles at my living area and mbr (which r the same). Think post here will help. Hopefully Ah Soon can find ...
  4. I juz spoke to him .... he enlightened that its common practise to pass spare to owners, so no worries Blum is an established brands ... sure u will like them. mrspiglet, Call Ah Soon ... I m sure he can work things out Thanks for the confirmation
  5. Wow ... surpised that some of us actually have some common problems. i guessed fondue and me will be having the same problems coz the group of workers should be shuttering btw mine and hers quite often. Yesterday me & wifey agreed to delay our furnitures delivery date. Dun want risk them get dirty while the rectifications are still in progress. fondue, Not sure if its M'sia or taiwan ... but the pics are as follows http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7412...mp;l=e0dfb9469b smallboy, I guessed its part & parcel of reno. Funny I had the same sentiments as you but always cool off in awhile. Pop by yesterday and saw pencil markings on the 2 wall tiles. Should be Ah Soon signature Even he knows that the rectifications works are unacceptable. Kudos to him I have to agreed that its more effective to talk to Ah Soon to get things corrected. My personal opinion, the group of electrician and plumbering workers is not that up to standard. Anyway, i still could not find the time to research on my PS3 due to work commitments I guessed after tomolo final assignments can I really find time for both the console & reno. Oh no.... i also forget to ask for spare tiles. They were removed on Friday .... OMG Juz spoke to Ah Soon, its common practise to pass spare tiles to owner I guessed speaking to the right ppl will get the answers. And he is feeling muz better already!!!
  6. Can i comment on the discussion 1) Roman curtians - previously was using one. The backing with foam type that prevent all sun rays into the room once they are down. My personal experience was if you are the type that seldom opens the window ... roman blinds are the way to go. They can seriously keep the room dark & cosy. However, if you like to keep the windows open and the blind down. It can get pretty frustrating that the blind goes see-saw .. Secondly, looking at the angle of maintence. That can be a molehill. Muz remove the strips holding each segment then the lines. Usually muz sent to laundry if you have choosen the foam backing type. The worse part is to assemble it back again ... no offense ....juz my 2 cts worth 2) I guessed we can put up signage to discourage them from using certain WC. But some how or another ... u should know where i m going too. My personal experience, i pop by one day after work .... saw that the aircon was swtiched on in one of the rooms. Afterthat, i pulled out all air-con switches from the power outlet and using newspaper to tape up the air-con vents. I guessed the best solution is to remind them not to do it again
  7. Hi mrspiglet, its that the current pool of electricial is not up to mark. Anyway hope Ah Soon would replace or at least oversees their work when they r in progress. I was pretty frustrated at them. But let my wife handle by juz letting her know what sloppy job they did. Yes, like I mentioned earlier, Ah Soon was kind enough to bear the rectifications jobs. Actually my wifey has agreed with Ah Soon on 18 Apr 09. Furnitures and electrical stuffs are scheduled to come in on 22 Apr 09, afternoon. We had arranged with Ah Soon for final rectifications on 22 Apr morning. I would be absent that day as I m still on course. Hope everything would go fine that day yes uncle Ah Soon bears our replacement ... You juz need to highlight to him that they are broken by the workers. Sometimes I really pity Ah Soon. Why juz the workers do the job nice x at 1st? Thus far, I m most satisfied with Ah Soon carpentary merry man. I muz said that they r of high standards. I noticed that fondue had closet soft closing problems? My soft closing seem alrite .... no need bull strength brand Ah Soon team's is employing for soft closing is I-Rex I think
  8. Firstly, thanks for the complement. Foyer light at the main door was from DK lightings @ $125. They come in either red or black acrylic frame. Shape in either square or round. Juz drop by Geylang Rd to pick up the spare part @ $8 for the foyer light. Lady boss gave me a discount Well handspray location is abit out ... but still can live with it lor. Thanks and surface top is already up. Creamy white in color Regarding the water heater, relocation is done upon approval from Singapore Power installer. Only thing is I muz relocate my ceiling mounted clothes hangers ... else may run a risk of catching fire Running off to parklane in awhile to get my PS3 and probaly the bamboo partition at Ubi Ave 1... cya in a while
  9. Well juz have to feedback to Ah Soon. Hope he would change the crew. Anyway juz came back from new place. Some rectifications works are still not to my standards. Haiz http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7412...mp;l=e0dfb9469b
  10. At the moment, juz a lovely 2 yr old princess. She juz started her toddler class in Mar and was infected with HFMD by the end of Mar. She had since recovered early this Apr. Throught out the ordeal, she was eating to muz and seem to be filled with endless energy then that I wondered if she has been wrongly dignosed
  11. welcome to RT Blog .... wow the lay-out is so spacious!!!
  12. love the space & welcome to RT Bog. Wow at 34 and 3 kids ler... I muz tell my wifey that we need to jia you liao
  13. We choose not to have handles as we thought it would be child friendly
  14. Actually ... the electrician workmanship seem quite slip-slop. For me I complained to Jason. One of the lighting was sitting on top the casing while another lighting was installed incorrectly. The other lighting, installer broke one of my crystal strips without even telling me. That was my experience with the elctrician.