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  1. Hi rizeza47, i do not login to renotalk as often nowadays, so apologies for the late reply. Pls do go thru the thread on Ah soon before going ahead w him, he has brought abt quite a handful of problems for recent houseowners. As for the rest who had PM me, my advise is the same too, I don't think its a gd time to go with Ah soon now.
  2. hee! my reno ended quite a long time already mah, nothing to contribute so i sit quietly behind the screen reading and drooling at pretty houses. Your house is one of them!!! No worries. i chance upon both Ezzi Living and Tames at those expo Home Fairs. I think you can call them up and see where will be most convenient for you to see the systems. Must play w it then you know which one you prefer. I'm still super happy and proud of the Ezzi Living one becos i dun have the mad rush like my neighbours when it rains!
  3. Dunno leh, like six sense and probably the uneasiness i got sitting at my desk.... so someone's talking abt me! hahah! Speaking of that.... i'm the 'devil'?????? Yup, its from Ezzi Living, stated in my sign-off ah. There's another vendor called Tames, but dun really like the sales attitude as well as the product, so got it from Ezzi Living in the end.
  4. Hi guys! i thot my ears were itching. Ya... reno liao no budget for add-ons so must refrain from RT a little, all those beautiful houses are making me drool! dreamycosyhome: i bought it at $670, inclusive of the brackets. Can push out under the sun to dry, but not the entire length of the bamboo. Probably 1/4 will still be within shelter, but all in all.. i'm happy with it after using it for half a year.
  5. Pet... poor thing. I hope your rash is healing? I guessed it's a big headache seeing all the holes and dust in your lovely house, but think of it the brighter way... next time the weather goes cranky you have an aircon in your room to enjoy!
  6. u mean have i calm those butterflies in stomach? Scary leh... dunno what to anticipate for that day.
  7. hee, u mean me n pinkpetter's got mutual fren too? Pinkpetter's fren is gongkia's gd fren n booy's fren is my gd fren too! Booy, i nag him for u at my wedding.... will be seeing him! I heard from a few colls leh. They say use diluted bleach also better than mr mus. Dunno how true thou. Thou w sensitive skin better put on gloves ba... be it mr mus or not.
  8. nice nice table! Got the breakdown price? i still looking for dining table n do look out for scratches... my coffee table had a super deep n long scratch. but in the end still managed to chge... with a little argument w May thou.
  9. alamak... storage tank also cannot handle the rainshower ah? Then i shd be lucky i still can shower decently with my gas heater... just occasionally the govt water decides to play a prank on me. Ivy: u doing live reporting or induce reporting? i dunno abt others lah, but i worked with Jason b4 n i think his temper also not very gd leh. Esp when i ask him to rectify an obviously slanted towel ba and he gave me all sorts of crappy logic.
  10. try to dilute it 1st? I think nail polish remover is a diluted equivalent of turpentine also.... Yupz, i asked him already. He mentioned u are a gd fren n ex-coll of his
  11. Dun waste money on Mr Mus.... i heard from a lot of pple that it doesnt even clean properly let alone getting rid of stains. i think u gotta try turpentine liao ba. I cheapo... dun wanna buy whole bottle so small little stains i'll use my nail polish remover. Btw... I just realised u know Eugene!!
  12. u all reminded me again of my sad plight with TC. Haiz......My water pressure!! Anyway, just turn on the tap at the kitchen sink big big lor... if it splashes all over... most likely the water pressure is gd enough to support the rainshower. Otherwise if u using the storage tank... confirm enough, cos the pressure is directly determined by the tank.
  13. congrats! Katong is certainly a very nice place to live in... with gd food all around! With rgds, to dishwasher... i used it b4 while staying w my sis-in-law in aussie. She said gotta scrub all the residue b4 placing into the washer, the hot water can only clean the oil and germs.. but not the residue. So i tot it was a little extra rinsing and scrubbing then place into the washer. But its definitely gd for toddlers and babies... kills germs more thoroughly than conventional cleaning.
  14. haha! i also blur liao... but i went back to read from pg 1, bodo is the groom and pridilaw is the wifey! They must be super busy n excited now!
  15. congrats on ur completion! finally moving on to the reno stage. In-laws are bound to be in-laws, even parents sometimes want their own say in our house! My mum wanted my main door to turn this way be it ended up another... i just told her "HDB says cannot..." and everyone satisfied. There's always a way to go ard... More pics soon!!