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  1. seashell no sweat lah. i dun mind at all seriously. cos when i read abt things that he didn't do rightly I will also tell him and use the opportunity to remind him to make good what he didn't do well. so we same channel lah.
  2. aiyoh blurrz dun lah dun lah. i dun take it as a tip off lah. i guess the person just brought it up as a matter of conversation with uncle and whoever you are, dun worry, i am not the least bit offended. i got nothing to hide and ah soon was not nasty. He just called to ask me nicely what were my views. He knows that his current customers are upset. He sounded at a lost when we spoke this afternoon. I do have certain rapport with him and we are quite open when it comes to such feedback. Many a times when I see his customers post that they are upset with him, when time allow, I will call him and tell him the feedback as a form of reminder for him to buck up as well. so u dun get upset. where is ur place huh?
  3. wah kopi-o u want to see pic of the naked man red_devil mention ah?
  4. poor seashell... will keep my fingers cross for u. hope LSH will be able to give u a solution. keep us posted
  5. seashell, just now uncle called me say someone told him about my posting. Anyway I took the opportunity to remind him to quickly finish up for u guys. Don't think it'll carry much weight but at least I tried lah. I dun think it is easy to corner him but if u guys can seat him down together and trash things out it may be worth a try. i do agree with Charmene that ah soon is really lucky cos alot of his customers are really accomodating.
  6. no wonder i keep sneezing.. folks, my 5 room was done in 12 weeks. initially i was told it'll only take 8 weeks. For new home owners who wish to get value for money reno, Ah Soon is no longer the person to go to. There was this reply, asking how come ah soon supporters use to speak up for him but not now. Since I am up here today, I shall reply to that query. this clearly shows that we are not blind supporters just for the sake of joining the crowd. I guess this also shows that the so call supporters are geninue home owners who will give geninue feedbacks and reviews. We are not childish people who will blindly defend someone who can't prove his worth. During our time, he served us well for the sum we paid, but clearly not anymore, so why defend? The only thing that remains the same is, ah soon customers' are a group who will not hesitate to broadcast bad reviews for the benefit of others if the need arise and the group will provide support and try to help each other as much as possible. till this day i am still amazed by the unity exhibited by his customers. Same method applies folks, whoever manage to get hold of him, do try to convey the agony of the others to him. Jiayou! and new owners please open ur eyes wide and dun cry foul if u make a rush and poor informed decision due to lack of reseach in this forum. p/s flamers can ignore my post cos i won't respond to flaming. trevor/jus_me/Jesslyn, dun mind send me an sms if u see this post. I lost all ur numbers lah... cos my hp died on me and ur contacts are in my phone memory
  7. i sinkaporean, free one grab first :x ask me to "hatch" another one myself then 2 is enough
  8. wah u spot check me ah?! usually i just sign on to my facebook and leave it there lah. on and off sneak a few remarks. can't do much cos ahhh me and boss sit side by side elbow to elbow kind leh!! no partition in between de hor. am still busy of course and the "busy-ness" will only go up won't come down de.... cos new start up mah... slowly my direct reports are coming in... so once boss's sidekicks come in, it's also time for me to manage my team and build up processes and policies liao.. then will come planning and building of new premises... then shifting... then full operations....how to eng u tell me???? i think u need to keep my kopi in thermal flask for me liao... got delivery service to office bo?
  9. it will be soon!! didn't mean to break ur heart but accidentally DON'T COUNT! hahhahahah good stuffs are worth waiting!! shower loads on him and he will learn to reciprocrate de.
  10. aiyoh... i took bank loan lor.... u are right lah, i prefer to be super busy at work... but do miss the freedom to come up to this forum to talk nonsense
  11. hahah got his warm fuzzy feeling when he smile back right ?? hor hor?? wait till he learns to give hugs and kisses wahhh u sure melt de. hahhaa
  12. wei wei i nv forget u hor! u are no. 2 in my heart hor! the first thing i do when i come into T-Blog is to check how jesslyn is, then followed by u liao hor! aiyoh pity me lah, i change new job, not eng eng like last time whole day can renotalk. now in new org new set up ahhhh, boss's side kick all not in yet so anything under him i cover first leh... From toilet to facility management to security to name tags to printing paper etc etc all i gotta cover first.... so how to come up and lim kopi at ur kopitiam. this week boss out of town so can sneak a breather. lol red_devil! that's a good one!!!
  13. sorry hor out of topic but ur baby hor so handsome de! so chubby, see the cheeks only i feel like pinching him!! this bundle must have brought alot of happiness for your family. grow jayden grow!!!