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  1. Very nice! I love the laminates that you have chose for your carpentry!
  2. Yes bed is definitely most important! Remember to pack early and don't procrastinate! Keep spare newspaper to cushion your fragile items too! I get what you mean Labuns This renovation drained my savings too. Initially planed to use 50k on the renovation and 10k on furniture. Currently its hitting 58k . But having a well renovated home is more important than furniture. Furniture can always be bought later. Whereas major works in renovation only can be done when no one is staying in the home or it will be very dusty. When we overshot our budget, we regretted not taking a loan too but after some thoughts, having no additional loan is better. Like I said, furniture can always be bought later. Baby steps first.
  3. Haha! Long way more to furniture, after we have moved in comfortably and packed our stuff, then we'll go look for the right size furniture. In no rush cause we hardly watch TV and eat at the dining table so all those are just for show items Approximately only 70% done. If we can't pack finish before moving date, we'll just bring the leftovers ourselves. Packing is so tiring. Even more than the renovation process.
  4. I hope so too! Couldn't find them in the boxes or anything but I very clearly remembered seeing it in the box when I checked the lights. Very nice flooring tile! I like it a lot. Yes we have a silver framed clear glass door for the kitchen, will take a picture of the door when I go over soon.
  5. Only managed to capture the lights during the day, wanted to drop by night time but was too tired. Had to make 2 trips down to Heritage to exchange our mirror cabinet and towel handle bar. Kitchen wiring has not been connected I think as the power points in the kitchen are not done. My dalen lights came with 2 controllers (1 for each room) but I can't seem to find it anywhere Hopefully the workers did not throw it away but kept it instead. Have to ask my electrician what happened to it and if it was thrown away they should get us a replacement. Living Room Bedrooms Moving date has been changed to 19 October but kitchen counter tops can only be installed on Friday as it takes 5 working days to cut the Caesarstone. So exciting! After I move in, I will definitely take pictures of the lights during night.
  6. Yes! Glad to be back as well. I don't think my windows has any problem but have to wait for heavy rain in TPY before I can tell. My ceiling fan is okay for a person to stand under but they can't raise their hands if not they can touch it. My aircon was installed today. Tested it and omg my bedroom was cold in minutes. Didn't even feel like going back. I'm not sure what colour it is. I remember A showing me this small flip template. Then I just picked a semi dark colour.
  7. This one week before my renovation ends has been crazy. Didn't even have time to update due to how tired I was. Sadly, the valve that I have bought is wasted as my contractor bought an exact same looking one as mine Now we have a spare I guess.. Kind of regret buying a ceiling fan as now it is super low on our heads.. Kind of a safety issue if someone tall walks under it. Will see how it goes and decide from there for the ceiling fan. I have decided to do all the same doors for the kitchen cabinets. My kitchen laminate that I wanted went out of stock and now I have to settle for my second choice. Hopefully it matches.. so nervous. Everyone who sees my cornice went "Why are you still using cornice?" BECAUSE I LIKE IT. Even my electrician said cornice was out and people now either do a l box/false ceiling to cover the electrical casings or they just leave it exposed. But I really like my cornice I think it makes look more... put together for my home. Also, they have been saying that it looks as though they are colour blind because all they see is grey and white. Tested all my lights while I was there and love it so much! So glad we went for warm cove lights and cool downlights. Didn't get to test dalen lights with the remote as I think they kept the remote in the box and I was too lazy to search for it. But I turned it on and they look so pretty and simple Can't wait to move in! Just 8 more days till we're moving in. Our air con is going to be installed tomorrow~ Final touch ups of electrical work is also on Monday. Defects will be pointed out after all parties have completed their work. Will be holding out on paying until defects are done fixing. What is a "no no must confirm plus chop change" defect and what is a "can close one eye" defect? Living Room Shoe Cabinet There won't be any lights for the shoe cabinet as we found it pointless for us. Can't wait to put a bowl there for keys and never ever have to search for my keys again. The shoe cabinet design was stolen from a Pinterest picture I saw and dimensions were done by my A. Only downside of the design is the wasted area that could have been used to store my shoes. Time to stop buying shoes I have a Nike shoe obsession and will basically wear them out in 6 months or less. But I will keep the worn out ones cause it's so precious to me Bedrooms Wardrobe Can I just say, I am in love with my wardrobe? When I saw it, I literally had to hold my breath in for a few seconds. The laminate was perfect. Plenty of space for my clothes, yay! Cornice above the wardrobe has not yet been installed. Kitchen I'm heading down again tomorrow and if the shoe cabinet/kitchen cabinets are completed, will definitely be updating! Just praying that my kitchen cabinet laminate is ok.
  8. Hi! Yes, Dalen lights are plain yet something different! Can't wait to try them!
  9. Yes haha, have to be quick No time already, just get the well known items for built in can already. Confirm won't go wrong. I got it from Ezze Galleria.
  10. Today we went to Goh Ah Bee to purchase our built in oven and cooking hood. I did a research on renotalk for ~1h before deciding on the items. I think that Bosch is a good brand and since my hob is Bosch, why not a Bosch oven too? But the hood is of course, Fujioh. It is so highly raved here in renotalk and everywhere! It was actually quite cheap at GAB as I remember Hoe Kee selling the oven for slightly more when I was there buying my kitchen sink. Bosch HBN331E1K Fujioh SLM 900 After GAB, we UBER-ed down to Geylang Road and looked for lights. We were considering Balestier but I heard everything there is priced up. I was tempted to just buy everything online on Taobao but we are already rushing to meet our deadline of 16 October so no chance Definitely after moving in, I will be ordering some Taobao lights. Bought a pendant light and simple plain lights along Geylang Road. We wanted to check the lighting shop recommended by slashmylove but we didn't have time as we had something on at 4pm. We basically had 3 hours to decide on lights and everything. Such a stressful moment! If you have time, definitely don't do what we did because we ended up spending 1k+++ on lights. Oh the heartbreak. My pocket still burning even after 3 hours leaving the shops. I never knew lights could be this expensive in Singapore! I thought 1 simple light at max $80 but APPARENTLY NOT?! Sorry, I abit suaku. Bought my bedroom lights from lightings.com.sg (a physical store which made me confused). Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 2 will be equipped with the Dalen LED Ceiling DL-S28T. Was impressed by it as it was the only remote controlled ceiling light that we came across. Here is what the Dalen LED lights are able to do: Only downside is it is expensive The shop didn't want to give any additional discount as the light was already 10% off. Bedroom 3 will be having a Phillips light. Apparently, if it blows, we have to replace the entire light so I'm praying that this light will not blow that fast. One thing I've note is that the sales person always pushes the "LED does not blow that easily, so you don't have to worry". Erm.. YES I DO. LED does not blow easily, yes. But over the years? It will definitely blow and we will have to replace it. No light can last forever so I don't know what they are trying to sell. Bedroom 1 and 2 Lights Bedroom 3 Lights We continued walking the Geylang stretch and entered a shop called Premier Lighting Centre. Got a small pendant light for our dining area, 2 black framed square lights for our toilet and 2 rectangular white framed light for the kitchen. We didn't take a picture of any of the lights bought. When it is installed, i'll take a picture! We came across 2 beautiful light fixture in here for our bedroom. However, we didn't get it as it appeared that it would only look good in warm light. We can't get a bedroom light that is only warm as we like a well lit room to do reading etc in. While walking at Geylang, we remembered to buy a open close valve for the toilet bidet. It looks so . Open close valve Our living room tiles has completed except the entrance as we had tell them our kerb height. 95% of the living room tiles are being covered with the cardboard but at the corners, some were exposed. We went with white grout with out living room tiles as the tiler said something about colored grout becoming off color over the years? Hope it looks ok.. What do you guys think, personally, when I saw it in real life, I couldn't really give any opinion. It was just oh ok. No reaction. Living room tiles Our bathroom is 80% Completed as it still lacks a door, a mirror cabinet that we have to bring down to Heritage to exchange as we got a size too big and a towel bar. I still can't believe we were stupid enough to forget the size limitation in our bathroom. Now we have to personally carry it down and back to exchange. I'm most excited about bathing here after moving in! Hopefully water pressure is ok with the rain shower. Bathroom Bedroom 3 has aircon trunking that was supposed to be on the skirting. However, after laying bedroom 3 tiles along with checking skirting, found out the trunking is slightly too high up! So now bedroom 3 will have a higher skirting compared to the other rooms. Not by a lot but still.. my OCD in me knows of the height difference. But what to do Too late for us. Bedroom 3 tiles progress My kitchen cabinet laminates are OOS. I'm so sad about it Have to go down tomorrow to select another laminate.. Hopefully am able to find something that matches it. Or maybe i'll just use the same laminate I used for my wardrobe. Also, tomorrow have to remember to pass them the toilet paper holder that I bought from Amazon for them to install along with the valve. Starting to feel so rushed in this renovation.
  11. We are getting Caesarstone Quartz in Oyster! Oh yes, I recall not being able to smell anything even though I was frying bacon. I was actually quite sad that I couldn't smell my bacon We are thinking of getting the Fujioh hood that everyone seems to be raving about.
  12. Yes we do not know if a hood is useful too The only difference I have noticed when cooking at a friend's place with a hood was it was not hot at all in the kitchen. We will just get one and if it does not work, we won't use it. If it does, great! Wow, that will save you a lot of money actually just from polishing. Hacking everything blew our budget off the roof. My sink is located next to the cabinet on the extreme left. Its at the far end of the kitchen. We were thinking of the timber cabinet doors but we're scared that it gets bloated over the years from water splashing
  13. Exciting and stressful day! Living room is currently being tiled and a lot of screeding work that the tilers had to do because our ground was totally off level! We had to cross widely on tiles to avoid stepping on the freshly installed living room tiles. I nearly slipped because our tiles was so slippery! It's so glossy I LOVE IT. Living Room Tiles Today was the designing of our kitchen cabinets. We forgot to buy a built in oven and have to hurry and get one tomorrow. Was advised to get a hood too for when we cook. Being exhausted from renovation, we just agreed and will be getting one tomorrow along with the built in oven. One error though on the sketch, the length for the fridge area is not 1950 but 1800. Thinking of getting either a Turbo or Fujioh hood. But not very sure with the built in oven. Tomorrow is another shopping day So tiring! Have to get built in oven, cooking hood, microwave, and lights. Electrical guy (J) gave me a evil glance when I told him there was changes to his electrical work again. It's like the 4th to 5th time changing. Feel kinda guilty but what to do I'm fickle and can't foresee the future. Oven, microwave, hood and hob will all have outside switches to control them as we do not want to see their wiring etc. Dilemma: Should I do the same kitchen cabinet doors on the concrete sink supporter? Or go with aluminium doors? Kitchen cabinets sketch Hopefully tomorrow when I drop by to drop some things off, I will remember to take new pictures of the kitchen and toilet as the sink supporter is done! And the toilet has transformed and become cramped
  14. That sofa is really pretty! Nice choice! We have to change the doors as it is too difficult to lock it Very hard to close it shut and stuff. Especially the gate. HATE IT. The gate slammed shut on my hand once and there was a red clot for days. We did consider Nippon but found Dulux to be more of our tastes. Yes! They weren't even wearing gloves! I'll take a look at both their sites but so far mydigitallock gates are looking more towards our tastes. If I were to want a gate from them, do I ask them to install or do I ask my contractor to get it for us?