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  1. pics of the lock on my door :notti:
  2. nope. i called him asking for a quote, he said he will call me back. but i haven receive a call from him till now. hehe
  3. eh... not too sure as i wasnt around when the guy was installing it. i got the man who is installing my new doors for me to install the lock for me as well. FOC. hehe if you're keen on DIY. check out this vid on how to do it. u need a few special drill bit thou. installation video
  4. yea. i told him abt the forum and how ppl would appreciate the good prices he can give.
  5. i dun intend to have any padlock on my gate but its up to personal preference i guess. if i do install, it will defeat the purpose of me using the digital lock for convenience. i enjoy the feeling of not needing to bring any clunky bunch of keys when i go out.
  6. just have to reset the system and re-register all the remaining keys. i think ard USD10 each, kopithiam card SGD1 + can use at kopithiam got additional discount! or apply for UOB ONE card + can earn points when u buy things with it.
  7. VS i like samsung more for the sleek look. heheh
  8. take note! ezlink card cannot be used!!!!! u can use the kopithiam card or any credit card with PAYWAVE, eg. UOB ONE. or u can purchase additional samsung RFID keys. cute little things. i think its ard 2.5cm x 3.5cm. very handy.
  9. last i checked, its selling for $998 at IMM. i got mine for $400ish w/o installation.
  10. samsung biometric locks not very dependable, gateman is much better for biometric. but it is so not chio. LOL
  11. haha i'm gonna enlarge BIG BIG for u to see its not only chio... but very convenient as well..no more clunky keys to bring out... it works with RFID technology, like ez-link. just tap tap, or use password.
  12. hahahaha i'll upload some pics of it on my door tonight! poison u more.
  13. thanks for the PM on the blum. i don't think you'll be able to resist nice righttt..... :notti:
  14. there will definitely be a fail safe feature. u can use a 9V battery which is easily available to open the door if the batt dies on u. i'm using a SHS-5120 which i got for $400ish (IMM selling $998) and asked the guy who is installing my new doors to install for me. u can get these locks for at least 30-50% cheaper online. PM me if u want the contact.
  15. i know a guy selling brand new sets of le cube titanium for $508 (RRP:$678), le cube red $478 (RRP:$618), aerocinno $120 (RRP:$199). got all my stuff from him. for the record, he brings them over from Korea. Nespresso sets has 2 years international on-site warranty. i'm loving the new indriya and rosabaya blends!