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  1. haiz. sofa ex ex, so cannot change. intending to get change soap and get some good lotion. wait and c how's the result in a wks time. so there's nothing to do with the air circulation in the house??
  2. Recently I realised that whenever I’m back home, my skin will start to itch, and sometimes, the skin is so painful like ant bite.. Ask hubby if he feel so, he say no.. Condition will get worst when I sit on the sofa, however Hubby just washed the sofa and cushion cover.. Hubby say I think too much, and over reactive on things as no one face such condition in the house except me. When I show hubby my skin, he say either I have sensitive skin or the air in the house is dry. But i don't encounter such pro in my mom's place.. Is that true.. He say he’s going to get the air humidifier. Will It help??? I’m so frustrated over the skin issue that I don’t like to be home.. Please help...
  3. is there any way to get rid of cockroach??? just finish a full "overhaul" cleaning for the house but cockroach just keep coming back. for the past 2 day, i have already finish 4 bottles of Ridsect. headache and headache. we are so piss and stress over the cockroach issue.. possible to know wat's the best way to get rid of them, and stop them from coming back again...
  4. Frenz rent a unit for 2 yrs and due to business reason, she need to terminate the contract early. As per the contact stated, she need to stay at least 12 month, and need to give 3 months notice if she want to terminate the contract. She has done all as per the contract, suddenly agent inform her that she need to pay owner back the commission for 9 months (24 month – 12 months of stay – 3 months of advanced notice) as 1. the agreement for the rental is 2 yrs. 2. Owner has given the agent 2 yrs of commission. Accordingly to the agent, my frenz is the one who wants to terminate the contract first, so she has to pay. Can someone advise me if this is the correct procedure. Thanks.
  5. aunty

    Ritz Rymen

    Bought bed frame and sofa from them 2 yrs back (gst from 5% increase to 7%). Quite unhappy with their service. Was told by them that if we place the deposit before new regulation for the 7% gst, all our items will be charged under 5% gst, and we can advise the delivery date later. We happily placed the deposit. months later, their office called a few times saying tat we need to pay the balance 2% gst for our items as we nv make the full payment before the new regulation. I argued with them, and even advised them the sales gal name. In the end, the office juz say it’s government law, and I need to get the sales gal to call them, and explain.. I called the outlet, either the sales gal is not in, or she’s not free. It’s so tiring, and pissed. In the end, I sort of hack care, and told my hubby that we will only be giving the balance amount stated in the invoice, and nothing more.
  6. there's no tiles.. i onli ask them to put cement..
  7. as i said, it's recommended by a frenz.. my frenz juz inform mi tat the guy do construction work. so i didn't know the background of tis guy...
  8. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/5227/06042009037i.jpg Last fri night, the tiles on the grandfather’s living room crack / “pop” up, and the cracked tiles reaches exactly from the kitchen door to his bedroom door. We are so worried bout his safety as he’s 90 over yrs old, and recently we then get the news tat he got cancer, and the life span is onli 3-6 months. His only activity is to visit the toilet, bath, and sleep. Thus tat cracked tiles really will cause a lot of inconvenience to him. I manage to contact a contractor (recommended by frenz), and the person came over to see the floor on sat. I requested him to remove the cracked tiles, and lay cement over, so no tiling work is requested. And the person quoted mi 650 (that price is only on material and labour fee, and the area covered is bout total of 42 tiles - 30 cm x 30 cm). If I’m to put tiles, there’s an extra charge of 200, and they need to apply permit. I agree to let him do it for 650, and placed a deposit of $200 (reason being my grandfather live alone, and docs say he can’t get hurt. I’m afraid at the sharp tiles will hurt him.Somemore, he can’t see clearly. Wat if he juz trip over…) when his worker came, he say tat not all the 42 tiles need to be removed, so I called the guy again, hoping he can give mi a good price. In the end, he say tat he can onli give mi a discount of $20. I’m so surprise, as the area to be covered is smaller(onli 20 over tiles need to be remove). I was so pissed off as his attitute over the phone is not veri good. I try to tok to him nicely, but he told mi tat tis is miscellaneous job, nobody will take such job. He onli pick up the job because it’s recommended by a frenz. when the worker finishes the job, he told mi that total price is 380.. I was blur and I just passed him 380 like tat. After a while, I find it quite surprising. The guy told mi to give the balance to the worker which is 450. But the worker tell mi total price for the floor is 380. So I believe the guy over charge mi by a lot a lot. After the floor is dried, I check and realise it’s not a good job done. My frenz assist mi to call the guy yesterday, asking him to get his worker back to do the touch up for mi, but guy insist that I should check before letting the worker leave. OMG…. The floor is all wet cement, and it takes bout 10 hrs to dry. So am I suppose to lock the worker for 10 yrs? Or should I walk over the wet cement to ensure tat there’s properly done??? I saw the worker using his hand to pick the tiles up, and break it using hammer, no special tools except for a few tiles where cutting is required, and the material is 2 bag of cement and water. Such job, they are charging my 250 for hacking of the tiles, and 400 for labour and material fee. i’m not demanding or unreasonable, but really feel that such pricing is not acceptable. Can some one do help to advise mi, the estimate price for such job???
  9. now, need of contractor now to finish up the **** left behind. any good and cheap contractor to recommend??? most of the materials are in the unit except for ceiling work and kitchen top. hope the price is not too x
  10. i have already made a report to small claim tribunal. hope tat he will appear tat day.
  11. having a bad bad experience with the house renovation. the contractor juz went m.i.a like tat... worst of all, he's our frenz; my hubby veri good buddy. we are so worry bout the house now. the permit was applied last april, and up to now, the house is still yet to complete. tat's no black and white and 95% of the payment has been made.... believe we are in deep **** now.. all i have is some receipts that he gave to me. however, there's no invoice number on the receipt. we went to his house, and the brother seems to be keeping things from us... wat can we do right now??? our main concern is to get the basic stuffs done first... we have been delaying the delivery of the furniture until ....... and we are so so stress bout it..