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  1. Today, I have a row with my dad. I wish you all hear my story and give me you wise advice and thoughts on this. My dad is already reaching 63yrs old. Have not been married for last 4yrs since my mom past away. However after 6mths of my mom death, my dad has been contemplating to get married (part is due from persuasion/recommendatin of frenz and himself), with reason of companionship. Initially I was unagreeable to him getting married but thinking again, he may need to have a someone by his side since I am not always there to be around him. Few days ago, someone recommend him this woman, 45yrs old divorce. However, I told him that if he want to get married, he must plan to get his own place. He need to start a new cycle of marriage life. I told him he cannot stay with me. For your info, I am not married. I bought this house for my future and also if my dad intend to be alone, he will stay with me and I will take care of him till he dies. But now he has the intention of marrying, so rules has change. I told him calmly abt how I feel on this matter and that cause him outrage and he said I have a bad heart and I am the selfish, cannot compromi that I don't allowed him to stay with me after his marriage with his new wife. His argument that his frenz told him that eventhough he has a daughter, she cannot always be with him to take care of him. It will be different having a wife who can take care of all his needs and when he sick, she can take care of him. Do you think I am selfish? I felt that my dad is. For your info, another 1-2yrs he have to go for dialysis. I am myself is diagnose with kidney problem and on daily medication. My mom died of kidney failure. Don't you think this is a burden for me? If anyone of you out there have this experience with your dad, hope you can share with me how you cope with this nonsense.
  2. I need some help, i juz moved to a new house 3mths now. I really don know how my dad uses the kitchen toilet. The bottom sides of the bifoldable door have molds and the silica gel too have molds. My master bedroom toilet is rather well taken care. I tried scrubbing the area with detergent is not working at all. It is frustrating becos it is a new home and it looks ugly. Anybody out there can tell me any way to remove it and the type of chemical use? Anybody out there have dangling crystal chandelier......how do you clean it?
  3. I recommend you Vincent handyman contact no. 93289338 Juz said recommended by a lady who stayed in Sembawang Blk 411. This man do everything and anything. He charge $30 for transport and the remaining charges depends on what you want him to do (vary from min $5). Since you have so many things to uninstalled, the price can be negotiable and a very nice man too. I asked him to fixed my wardrobe sliding door, disassemble the storeroom ventilation that I my contractor have covered and he asked me if he cannot fix it what will happen and I said die die must fixed.....Guess what, he did fabulous job.
  4. I seriously love this website. I manage to get some items from garage sales that are new and unused (This alone help me to save much). I check with few contractors, they don recommend me to laminate the flooring becos the cracks is rather a lot. So it means need to hack the floors......so sad....budget run already I think it when up to $15k now to get the main thing done up. Now I need another set of help. I have this chandelier a present given from my US fren, this is the website where u can see how it look like and the dimension......http://lightingbygregory.com/lighting/product/wi-wi325661.html................It still intact in the box becos when I got them, my current house have complete lightings. So expert out there, do you think this chandelier is too big for a 4A resale flat? my hall is rectangular. If not, how can I position this chandelier? Such a delima again. This chandelier is expensive.
  5. Hi Donut88, you said abt laminate flooring, one of the bedroom have a big crack on the flooring. Will this cause a prob? This house has no cabinets at all include kitchen cabinet. You talk abt postform, how durable is it? I can say I cook often. Anyone else there any suggestions to help me. $10k is cater for reno alone and not inclusive of appliances or accessories.
  6. You are rite Yokine9A. This house is 15yrs old. Anybody out there knows how much will it cost be to overlay or laminate the flooring. As I said 104sqm. What is the advantage and disadvantage of doing this? I heard some said the maintenance is difficult. I need to do flooring. Do you think I should do re-wiring now or later. How can I know the piping is still ok? My budget is really very tied. So need to be wise on this. Your suggestions and ideas is appreciated. By the way Yokine9A, how much u spend for ur house? What did u do? Your house is very old.
  7. I am my way in getting a resale 4A (104sqm) cos staying with dad who is no longer working anymore. Downgrading from my beautiful 5I. Unfortunately I am the only person paying for this house and reno. So....whoever kind soul out there I need some advice and help what I should do first to that house. Juz said that I doing the makeover in several phase. First let me describe the house. The seller did not do anything to the house. I mean nothing. Neither bedroom cabinets nor kitchen cabinet. Have ceramic flooring but one of the bedroom floor have a very big crack. Kitchen tiles are old school (you know that white square tiles that is juz half the wall). Electrical wiring + lighting..hmmm...super terrible. Both bathroom, old tiles. Almost forget, the windows and the grilles.....rusted. So the challenge is..... at hand say that I can fork up 10k first. What should I get started with? Do tell me how much it cost you to do whatever you suggest. Plz also, dear kind soul recommend me your contractor for my consideration. So confused and desperately need advice.