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  1. so cheap?? i saw one at thie furnitureonlien.sg, the china lady quoted me $2k she press and press the caluator, think they can anyhow quote the price
  2. Thanks! defu furnitures is reliable right? actually i saw alot of sofa at some shops which I don't want to name, but when i came back to read...there are always lotsa negative comments about those shops
  3. I am searching for my very first sofa Been to soooo many shops and I realised that actually almost all L-shaped fabric sofa have very low back rest. Isn't it uncomfortable if you sit on the sofa for a long time? Because there is nothing to support your neck Any idea where can I find a L-shaped fabric sofa with a higher backrest? Thanks! 1st time buyer for furniture.. sooo abit blur
  4. Hi can you PM me your contractor contact as well???
  5. So do you think i should just ask a few more contractors for quotations with just listing this items? because I haven't gotten my keys..so it's pretty inconvenient to ask contractors to go up as n when to see my flat
  6. wow chemical wash can FOC..maybe he added that one, to make it more then 6k.. haha
  7. Mine is a 5 room HDB - 122 sq m Really appreciate all help to see if this quotation is ok. because i have a fren who did a 3rm, hacking plus cabinets, tilings etc only at 15k. 1 To re-polish existing marble flooring @ living room & 3 bedroom.(998 Sqft) $1,297.00 2 To re-polish existing parquet platform @ master bedroom. $300.00 3 To-remove pop up ceiling @ kitchen. $ 180.00 4 To plaster smooth kitchen ceiling. $ 450.00 5 To paints whole unit wall & ceiling using ICI All-in 1 paints including door, door frame, pipe. $1,350.00 6 To paints kitchen ceiling with sealer finish for plastering work. $150.00 7 Remove & Installation of 2 sets toilet bowl for labour charges only. $ 200.00 8 Remove & Installation of 2 sets toilet basin & tap for labour charges only. $ 160.00 9 Supply & construct shower kerb @ common toilet $ 150.00 10 To remove existing tempered glass swing door & fixed panel @ kitchen entrance. $ 150.00 11 To make good deffect area after dismantle glass door. $ 180.00 12 Supply & install 1 fixed & 1 sliding 10mm tempered glass door @ kitchen entrance.(60 Sqft) $ 1,440.00 13 Chemical wash for whole house. (Twice) $ 250.00 Total Amount Quoted: $ 6,257.00