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  1. A few more touch ups and things to buy to complete the look of the house. But all of my necessities are in hence I'm good to move in next week... Will update further when I have move in and settle down... Will provide the full reveal of the whole house then... Till then Have a great Xmas and A Happy New Year...
  2. My beloved dining chairs are also delivered over last weekend...
  3. Will be moving nest week hence am finally getting deliveries... Updates in my master bedroom: Finally now I have my bed... I am reusing my old divan since it's still in good condition though it's using the old school bed skirt. Perhaps I'd find a new bed skirt for my divan. My long awaited Sealy mattress is finally here.
  4. Lol... I will be officially moving in this New Year's eve, hence will make the reveal then as still waiting for some deliveries. Stay tune...
  5. Thank you HuxyHuxy. Indeed very pretty. Will be getting another one for my master bedroom dresser vanity too.
  6. HI, My apologies for the late reply as I have been busy and didn't get the chance to log in to RT. Nevertheless, thank you for the very nice compliment. I appreciate it. I will drop you a PM on the ID details... Do check...
  7. Super love this concept... Congrats on the new home. Hope your renovation journey goes well...
  8. Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it... Hopefully soon it will all come together..
  9. It's pretty but simple isn't it... Im loving the outlook of your house. It's coming together very well. Your dining chairs are similar to mine. Lol. & the bedside table and night lamp is similar to the one that I'm getting. Wise mind thinks alike. Lol. The carpet, I am sure yours is cheaper coz Aliexpress cost more than TB. But not so much plus shipping is always free. Just unfortunate I just don't understand Chinese. If not, I sure will buy stuffs from TB as well. Looking forward to your finish line too. Happy decorating...
  10. Hi, Sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately my home is not country nor cottage. It's more of classic European / American home. I keep the classic look but tie up with modern look. Therefore I do not have any contacts for the furniture wise. However, I have PM you on the contractor details. Good luck with your upcoming journey.
  11. Lastly, I finally got the right sized mirror at an affordable price from Ikea for my fire place. Size fits well and it doesn't look too over the top. Simple yet elegant. Will get another one of this for my incomplete mater bedroom vanity. This is night view with my wall sconce on... Now need to find time to go to JB to buy flowers and pretty candle holders for my fire place mantel. Also flowers for the dining table and living room coffee table. Need to squeeze time to get these. Cant't wait to have the finish look for this.
  12. Got my customized carpet for my dining area. Also another good buy from Aliexpress. Great quality carpet. It feels good on my feet... Please ignore the temporary Ikea chairs as my dining chairs will only arrive on Boxing Day... Counting down to that and counting down to have my mattress and bed on Christmas eve... Getting the important stuffs as my count down begin to New Year before I officially move in... Super excited...
  13. I also got these teal and mustard colour pillow for the sofa. Likewise with the curtains, I need some colours to play around with to make the room pop. Please ignore the mess around... I forgot to take a picture of the sofa decently... (Please also ignore my lil boy, tried my best to cover him up... Lol...)
  14. As I have mentioned in my previous post that I have yet to move in, hence, am taking my own time to dress up the place. I am slowly buying things to make it home. More things I have purchase. Besides stuffing my kitchen with necessary kitchen aids, I finally got my curtains that I have ordered from Aliexpress. I love how the mint blue colour enhance the room. Didn't want to go with plain neutral colour as it will make the neutral room look dead. Therefore I choose to go for the geometric designs on the curtain to give that contrast vibe. I also a bit worried on the quality of the curtains especially had major hick ups on the delivery. But guess it was still all worth it as it was tailored to perfection. I am glad this trial purchase turns out well. So after this, will have no worries and can proceed and order curtains for the rest of the house as for now, my master bedroom and kid's bedroom is just using a thin temp Ikea curtain. Save time on finding vendor and save me $$. Plus it ships for free to my door step. Nothing to worry about. Here is the curtain for my living room: