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  1. Both le wife and me loveeeee Taylor B and if our home was bigger, we would have gotten our items there. As we have certain fixtures and sizes in mind, we have to go away with a heavy heart every time we go taylorB! We did got our venetian foldable coffee table from Taylor B! Will snap a picture after the renovation as its currently wrapped up! And yeps, the wall beadings adds a different ambience to the whole place! Btw, there are three hidden doors in that whole stretch! One to the MBR, one to the toilet and the other to the washer!
  2. Keeping in line with our black and white theme and our love for Baker's furniture (though it is beyond our reach), we decided to customize our dining chairs taking inspiration from Barbara Barry's Oval X dining chairs. This time round we didn't engage P*R*S Ho*e but M*nha*tan Collections. We havn't got the final product yet, so hoping it would turn out fine! Here is a pic of how our dining chair would look like, without arms.
  3. I'm excited to share with all of you our ID's 3D's impression of what our future home will look like much to what we envisioned! Am hoping it would turn out as beautiful in reality!!
  4. Thank you!! Love your concept and renovation journey to!! Will be updating more this weekend!
  5. Thank you very much!! Excited about the journey! Hoping to keep within our small budget of $25k for everything inclusive furnishings!
  6. Absolutely love the way things are coming up for your home!
  7. PM sent! Best is to send pics and exact dimensions you need. Best of luck!
  8. Nice!! Got my inspiration to write this blog as I am following yours! Thanks!!
  9. For modern English/French Classic themed furniture, we take inspirations from Baker's Furniture. However, Baker's prices are too exorbitant and hence we had to customized it. Following is the Baker's Thomas Peasant's Loveseat we had in mind retailing at $18K in Singapore: We scouted a few places actually before deciding on this. Initially we wanted a particular sofa from Taylor B but since we could not store it for a long period (maximum 3 months) as we weren't sure when we would get our keys, we had to drop the idea. Also, Taylor B doesn't bring in the sofa anymore which was subsequently sold a month after we saw it. Below is the sofa we saw: So coming back to the Loveseat, we decided to customized it based on the exact dimensions and length at P*r*s H*m* online. We read reviews that it was quite bad and unresponsive. We did had a hiccup as we had informed them that they should only produce it when we give the green light upon our house getting TOP. But they went and reproduced it and well, due to their fault, they had to store it for 9 months, thankfully at no charge. Quality wise, don't expect to much from it but they do manage to produce it with close resemblance. Hence below is the final product. We are keeping it at bare minimum minus all the extra cushions which was put by shop owners as the Loveseat itself is beautiful as it is. The fabric we chose was suede, hence giving the extra touch of elegance. Hope you love it!
  10. Hello everyone! Having seen the various blogs and excitement over home ownership and renovation, I decided to start this blog to account my own journey towards a place my wife and I would soon call 'home'. Ours is a cosy one bedroom condo unit measuring 527 sq ft or 49 sqm. Yeps, you read it right! It's small! But, with just the both of us and a little bundle of joy coming our way, it should be sufficient and easy to maintain for now! Below is the floor plan of our unit! We thank God that it's squarish and therefore easy to conceptualise in accordance to what we have in mind. The theme in mind we have is Modern English/French Classic. We didn't want it to be too Victorian or Baroque as those requires bigger spaces. Hence, we opted for a simpler touch with a mix blend of black and white as our main colors, thus invoking colonial style in mind as well. We were lucky to come across an exact same size junior suite when we stayed in Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Switzerland for our honeymoon! We immediately fell in love with the whole mood, design and layout that we decided to replicate much of what we see there here in our own home. Below are pictures of the suite: As you can see, one of the practical thing about this layout is that the TV is able to swivel from the living room to the master bedroom. The other functionality about this is that the other part of the TV is a glass mirror. Hence, it can be used both ways - as a decorative piece in the living room if you do not wish to have your guests engaged in watching the TV or use it as a dressing mirror in the bedroom. We also love the white-washed wall beadings and cornices. No false ceiling either but just a central chandelier. Simple and elegant. What we intend to do different however is to have the cornices in black just as the picture below: Will leave all of you with that for now! Next up would be furniture inspirations!
  11. test https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPofQ6p_6ipml5hnu-wrnv3HqC0MiFu41Gdprm5
  12. devilsmaya

    Modern English/French Classic Suite

    Modern English/French Classic Suite