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  1. sorry for the late reply. all pm sent
  2. sorry for the late log in. All pm replied
  3. Hi Gerald have pm you the details.
  4. Hi all, share this as maybe some of the guys here looking for a cleaning after renovation. My mum place has just finish renovation by a contractor and we were looking for a post renovation cleaning. was recommended by my friend for this cleaning company. Well done i would said as they have fully clean up the house and also sanitize the area. Esther - will ctc us 1 hr before finishing so that we could goes back to check and clear the balance payment. Let me know if u guys need the ctc.
  5. Hi Tim, Could u quote me mitsubishi starmex inverter system 3 and all the necessary details. Thx
  6. Hi, can i have Mr Tan contact too. Thanks!
  7. Your house looks great!! can pm me your contractor and the cost of your reno?
  8. Who have the contacts? Can pm me please..
  9. Hi Chriss, just wondering could you check with your id on the contractor? as i have been searching for black glass door. or maybe i can check with your ID if convenient.
  10. Hi Defelio, Thanks alot for the help. i would intend to do the same too, i believe the peep hole will need to drill again and to patch up the existing hole? am i right? Regards
  11. Hi Defelio, Can i check, you mean u flip the door? didn know it can be done. whats the damage like and any contractor for doing this?
  12. Hi Chriss, Is that a black glass door ? Can it be seen through or black from the inside? Can i have contacts for this?
  13. no1 have information to share? common Reno pples