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  1. Hello, I have a similar question - current window is a small (say 0.5m by 1 m) and faces the front of the house. I prefer to make it much much bigger from an aesthetic point of view. For the sake of argument, what if I make it almost floor to ceiling? Dunno if that equates to changing the position in that case?
  2. dear both, i know this topic is 2 yrs old...any chance you can pass on your contractors (only if you have had no problems with them as well as your mezz by now).....haha.....
  3. Hoping to revive an old topic since I'll find myself in the same situation soon ie bot a place with a decent sized roof terrace and hoping to make the best out of it.... Has anyone already used a contractor to build a roof trellis? Any recommendations?
  4. Hi seeker, can you PM me the contact too pls? I juz bot an apt which comes with a high ceiling.... btw, Icohol, I heard a reasonable ht for adding a loft, floor to ceiling shd be minimum 4.5m.