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  1. Thanks Cube I m coming from the preventive measure point for view... trying to find information but seems like not a lot of information on this.
  2. Hi, I purchase an old house and target to start renovation before moving in, in apr to jun 20. It will be major renovation without A&A. Will remove part of the flooring and old furnishing. I m thinking of doing a preventive pest control before installing the new furniture. Not very well verse in such stuff and when it should be during the whole renovation processs. Hope to get some advise from any expert here.
  3. Hi want to check if you need to get approval to open or increase the width of existing windows of your house. This is what I found, just don't know how to interpret it. Doors and Windows Planning permission is not required for replacing or changing the windows and doors if: there is no increase in GFA; there is no reduction in setback; and it does not involve changing the position of the window.
  4. The highest point is at 7.5m at the middle and tapered down to 3.2m at the side.
  5. Firstly the house is in a 3 storey zone. Secondly, the roof to floor distance is 7.5m at the highest point and tapered down to 3.2m at the side. Another question would be the approval. I seems to heard conflicting information from different people, same say landed dont need for mezzanine, same say need. Will be meeting a builder to check bah.
  6. headroom at the highest point is more than 2.4 but not at some point. So have to plan as such a point that the lowest point is 2.4m?
  7. @snoozee I would like to first thank you for always helping the forum with your knowledge. Didn't that there is a difference between a loft and a mezzanine. I would like to know the distinct and more detail on it. I m getting an old 2-stories landed house. The objective is to reclaim same more space used by removing the artificial ceiling at level 2. I do not intend to do extensive A&A to make another attic level hence thinking of partial loft/mezzanine solution after removing the artificial ceiling level. I would also like to avoid all the costly approval due to budget constraint. Thanks again for your feedback. \
  8. Hi all, I would like to ask about building Mezzanines on 2nd storey of a landed property to maximize space 1) if mezzanine is more than 5 sqm, URA/BCA approval is required. if so what are the cost involved, anyone have an estimate. 2) A little on the grey area, that one contractor had told me is that the mezzanine is build as a carpentry work (i.e. part of a walk in wardrobe), one can argue that it is not part of a mezzanine. I want to make this correct so have to check if this is arguable. 3) Can mezzanines be built over, say a toilet if the piping are routed away. 4) Is the free standing type of mezzanine such as provided by Mezzanine Singapore, considered as it is not a fix feature? Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.
  9. Wow, thanks for being so detail. Can i check, by meaning of additional attic floor means that remove the roof and build upward. It would be considered as A&A as long as it did not increase the build up by 50% right? plus on top of that need to see if it is structurally sound to tahan the loading.... budget around 300k enough? just wondering, I saw a lot of attic conversation in angmo country doing an additional small area roof extension for their attic. (in the picture). Is it possible to do it in SG? would this be A&A or just re-roofing?