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  1. A comparison of the before and after. 3 months after move-in, things already start to clutter up but still, the home was comfy and "enjoyable". Our son kept saying "New home nice"! Our interior designer, Patrick and his assistant Loh, was rather accommodating with our requests. Rectifications was also done promptly and with proper follow up. Some items on the quotation were rather expensive but yet relatively cheap for others, so I guess it balanced out overall. They were also rather easy-going, a plus point because when I was frustrated, our id was able to maintain his composure and helped us out. I also thought Patrick had good EQ, He didn't outright criticized our ideas but I think I could infer he didn't agree with some of our decisions At the end, it was a good working relationship, unlike the previous one 10 yrs ago. I had to write a letter to them, threatening legal action .... also quarreled with the id back then .... Well, so long people. All the best for your renovations too!
  2. Also decided to install a digital door viewer. Comes with motion detection. I thought it is quite useful. One day our helper went missing, I suspect the agency had picked her up and the images recorded on the viewer unit confirmed that ...
  3. Can name the contractor/ company here? I see other posts giving bad feedback about some retailers, should be ok right? That's what this forum is all about right, sharing the good and bad experiences.
  4. Ask your 1st agent and the 2nd to co-broke? At least they get some comm, else they get nothing if the deal doesn't go through.
  5. Another big ticket item ... Quite like the TV nowadays. The remote can act as a pointer and it's quite smooth to control as well. Had to buy longer audio and video cables though.
  6. Very good and cheap TV wall mount for the room, $79 from Homefix. I got chopped carrot for the living room TV. The installers charged me $220 for that when the new TV was delivered. I couldn't possibly have gone out to get one in time ...
  7. What brand and model is this? I almost wanted to get something like this but id warned me that it could be too low ... got a KDK Baby Junior fan in the end.
  8. Wish I had done this too. I hate my electrician-supplied switches ... MK brand ... the clicking sound too loud ...
  9. If you buy your own paint, how much your id charge you for the labour?
  10. Me too. Not too bad a shop. Prices not rip-off like Balestier.
  11. Yeah, When the countertop is bare, it makes it look really small. What's more, it's undermount. However, after using it for the past 2 weeks, it's actually sufficient. More then enough for the pots and pans. I think the width for mine is about 55 cm.
  12. Yes, the WC for common toilet is the original position. I found a bad thing about this WC ... the whatever gets stuck on the bowl ... Not sure if I'm sitting on it correctly ... this is getting gross ...
  13. Oops ... I had to reuse my existing furniture ... and with kids too ... that's why I only dare to show the before move-in state, LOL.
  14. Wall feature and dining is ready. Kitchen Common bathroom. Master bathroom.
  15. Going digital ... I find it a bit strange that the door, when fully closed, it's still a bit loose. As in when you push against the door, you can feel it move in slightly before it's stopped by the bolt bracket, or whatever you call that. The installer told me that it'll need some allowance, else the lock mechanism would get stuck. In any case, the fingerprint works well. Bye bye to keys