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  1. Have heard about some bad reviews about aluminium companies that uses thin hollow aluminium windows with double glass and claim its soundproof windows. I can see that your profile is different from our original HDB profile. Is it from originated from the Europe region? My house is located beside a busy road. Can i get a quote for a hdb master bedroom? How much is the window blind as well? Thanks.
  2. I like to recommend one alum grill company too. My parent's hdb masionette house in Hougang recently installed Window grill. We got quotes for some contractor, because of the height issue, they also quote me higher charges for it. Through Facebook, I managed to find one sub-contractor company that does its own production and their price is lower. I saw that they had Expo Exhibition (goes to show they are quite legit) so I engaged them. They took only 10days to install for me and the powder coat window grilles looks really good. pm me if you need their contacts
  3. mine came out too last week. I did not use silicone, just use force to push the rubber seal into the glass panel. It is really tight, once in place, it should not come out easily.
  4. Hi, i pm you one a direct metal manufacturing company that does metal and glass products. i.e. windows, doors, gates.
  5. Firstly, like most renovation company I dont think HDB Door Pte Ltd manufacture PD doors, they take your order and install for you. Looking from that, I am not 100% but I think you can: 1) have a tiler/cement guy to extend the kerb on the inside of the bathroom such that, the sharp edge is not protruding out. 2) tile the door from left right, such that the sharp edge protruding is on the other side, not sure will that cause more hinder. 3) get them to smooth the edge of the protruding point to minimise the cut (fingers crossed) Hope it helps
  6. Its quite steep for basic design although its 5'x7'. pm you a contact that might help
  7. Hi, pls pm me which ID film, so I can avoid the same things again.
  8. Some small island in Philippines will be awesome. Krabi, Borocay are too mainstream and polluted!
  9. Anyone know if Coolnlite good? the one that Mediacorp Shawn is advertising.
  10. Have some ID friends that told me that double glazed window is NOT only about the two piece of glasses. Some companies out there are just selling double glass window with normal sliding aluminum frame that is identical to any new BTO windows and they charged steep for it. Hence i think I will see the frame to differentiate the good ones and the bad ones. I done some research and uPVC window frame seems to be the hot stuff now, inside the frame, there are small small chambers. I am thinking the noise will get reduce greatly by then. Laminated glass is the preferred glass type for soundproofing. As of now, I am thinking about cheaper means, like having carpets or thicker double layered curtains to reduce the noise from the MRT. Do PM me if anyone has any good double glazed contractor contacts.
  11. Quality is still more impt than price. Dont need go for the super low price ones i.e. PG. Can research more on their quality as well.