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  1. @RobinHo0d: Thanks for your reply I got another contractor to come and fix these. The first door the contractor helped to file the sharp corner so it doesnt hurt anyone. The second door I had to pay extra costs to get the contractor to dismantle and reinstall the entire door to make it straight. See pictures attached. So much better now.
  2. I bought two PD doors from HDB Door Pte Ltd: https://www.hdbdoor.com.sg/promotions/ There was some initial confusion over whether the door will be retrofitted onto my old one with the old frame or will be installed without the old frame. I made clear to them that my old frame was very old, ugly and damaged at the start and there was no issue. They admitted their mistake and redid their doors so they can fit them to my toilets without the old, ugly frames. Wasted some time but this is still fine. Then come the day of installation. For some reason, after installing one side of the frame to the wall, they told me in order for the door to be straight and for it to close, the other side will protrude out if not the door will not close. So, I said you of course need to install in a way that the door will close. The end result is in the attached picture. It is very strange that the door needs to protrude out for it to close though. I later checked with another contractor the following day that this must be a mistake they made when they first install the left side. Now there is a sharp edge and my family said that is very dangerous and could hurt anyone. So for the second door, I told them to slant a bit so it does not protrude and the end result is in the attached picture. The whole door is extremely slanted and pretty ugly. What would you do now if you are me?