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  1. Hi all, I have reviewed a few contractors and Interior designers and so far this is one of the most detailed quotes that i can get. Was wondering if you guys have any thoughts if the pricing is reasonable? I personally find it quite reasonable but would like to seek some advice from you guys. And advice is grateful.
  2. Hi all fellow members, I have met up with a total of 4 IDs and 3 Contractors & so far this quote as attached picture is one of the better ones and in terms of character he seemed very detailed. But would like to ask some of the experienced people around here for advice, is this quote considered reasonable? Thank you.
  3. Hi Guys, Need some advise, just went for a visit with a few IDs and one came back with quote as such: Description Amounts $ Hacking / Demolition Works / Carpentry Works Living / Dining Area 1 Labour to hack & dismantle existing carpentry. $ 1,500.00 2 To design, fabricate & install (estL 5ft) half height baywindow table w/ storage. $ 1,250.00 3 To design, fabricate & install (estL 6ft) half height TV-Feature wall. $ 1,200.00 4 To design, fabricate & install (estL 6ft) suspended TV-Console c/w black glass cover. $ 1,500.00 5 To design, fabricate & construct (estL 70sqft) raised-up cosy platform using vinyl finishing. $ 3,150.00 Kitchen Area 1 Labour to dismantle all existing kitchen cabinet doors. $ 350.00 2 To design, fabricate & install (est 14nos) kitchen cabinet doors. $ 1,680.00 Master Bedroom Area 1 To supply, labour & re-coat (estL 190sqft) existing timber flooring. (Dark toned) $ 1,330.00 2 To supply, labour & install (estL 130sqft) wall using selected wallpaper design finishing. $ 2,600.00 Common Bedroom 1 To supply, labour & re-coat (estL 135sqft) existing timber flooring. (Dark toned) $ 945.00 Painting Works 1 Supply labour & materials to paint whole house interior using NIPPON paint. $ 1,950.00 Ceiling Works 1 To labour, patch & make good false ceiling after cutting works. $ 1,800.00 Miscellaneous Works 1 Labour to provide corrugated protection sheet at all work areas $ 450.00 2 Labour to provide general cleaning & acid washing $ 450.00 3 Labour to provide haulage, clearing of debris, uploading & downloading of materials $ 550.00 H Professional Service 1 Interior design layout plans & space planning. 2 3D Colour perspective drawings. 3 Proposed colour conceptualization. 4 Proposed selection of materials used for particular concept / style. 5 Consultation on furnishing. 6 Consultation on accesorries. 7 Consultation on decorative advises. 8 Detail drawings of all carpentry work. 9 Site co-ordination & management. Subtotal : $ 1,500.00 Total : $ 22,205.00 Subtotal: 7% GST: $ 1,554.35 Grand Total : $ 23,759.35 For such works done, is it considered expensive? Thanks!