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  1. vex

    Cellini Sofa

    real leather should not peel, only crack. to prevent cracking, apply leather protectant every three months.
  2. With the 15k to 20k budget (which is very difficult for all the wish list items), i suggest use it to do the major and important things first, including flooring, electrical, painting and plastering all do nice nice. Other things like tempered glass door for kitchen and kitchen cabinet, these things can slowly do in the future .
  3. no need la, i am sure they will fold up in no time, given their bad reputation. consumers nowadays are smart and well informed.
  4. vex

    Star Living

    i bought quite a number of new furnitures from star living at thomson and i must say i am a very satisfied customer. however, my white shoe cabinet the drawer's rollers spoilt after a few months, which they promptly came down to repaair it for free. i like their reasonable pricing and the vast array of designs including the designer replica chairs. frankly, i find them to be one of the few highly recommended ones.
  5. i bought a kid's super single bed frame, mattress and white tv cabinet from them about half year ago, they delivered as promised without a hitch and qualit was up to promise, except the bed had a bit of paint uneveness. So far, the items are in good shape. Think they are somewhere at Aljunied Crescent and they dont charge delivery fee.
  6. how about synthetic leather sofa from vhive ? they are nice and cheap but not real leather. can be gotten for $500 for a 3 seater. maybe seahorse can get leather sofa for under $1k.
  7. side track a but, i dont see the justification to pay for a 3d drawing after signing up for a package. if the drawing is not ideal, then they will change it until you like, but if you dont like , you cannot back out of the contract anyway. i feel that it should be done free or cheap at the beginning to entice the customer to sign up, not the other way round.
  8. Anyone changed their instant heater to storage heaters before ? Am deliberating this due to improved water flow (low water pressure). beside changing the unit to a storage tank, what other changes are to be done, like changing the pipe ? Is the pipe change optional ? Will City gas do the pipe change ? Pls share, thanks a lot !
  9. thanks airconleaking for sharing your experience. this really serves as a wake up call. it is easy to sell cheaper than competitors but it is only during the after sales service that can truly tell is it worth it or not. thats why i'd rather go with established company like gain city.
  10. Anyone wants a good contractor's contact , i can provide. i just did my 3 room flat full reno ($35k including every possible thing you can think of, with good quality fitting in some areas). This contractor is a very forthcoming fellow, has many years of experience in housing development and renovation, and has a big circle of contact with sub-contractors. However, he is on free-lancing and hence can charge lower price than reno firms. Best of all he handles every single thing. If you are looking for a no-nonsense contractor who is trustworthy and very experienced and can get things done, i strongly recommend him. Uncle Sam. pm me for contact.
  11. up for cheap sale, $900 only for a good as new uSoffa retailing at $1900, under warranty.
  12. Shalom movers, i used their storage after moving. price is not expensive.
  13. i'd say, around $50k for the above, or more. excluding furnishing.
  14. i never believe in the justification for designer fee. they should provide the drawing for free and if you like the design then you sign up, and if you dont , why should you pay for a piece of sketch that is computer generated within minutes ?